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Federal Resume Writing Services

Writing a resume to apply for a Federal government job requires a level of detail that only a Federal resume writing service will know about and understand. Federal resume writing services are a worthwhile investment if you are applying for entry to SES positions and need help with your USAJobs Resume, KSAs, ECQs and your overall application package. Federal resumes are different from other resumes, so you'll need an expert's help when crafting a federal resume that will make you stand out among 300 to 1000 applications received per vacancy announcements.

Attention to Detail

Federal resume writing requires an attention to detail. Preparing for Senior Level positions which require a resume that reflects the same level of professionalism. You also won't be able to use a Federal resume like you would civilian resumes: one resume for many jobs. You'll need help tailoring a resume specifically for each position you'd like to apply for that will highlight your certain qualifications for that particular position. The resumes are very narrowed and hone in on the exact position you'll be applying for, so consider hiring our Federal job resume writers to help you with this confusing and often time consuming task

Creating Interest

A Federal job resume shouldn't just list the things you've done or your previous employment. It should tell a compelling story of the amazing achievements you've managed during your professional employment. It should be readable and interesting, but not overly wordy. Good use of verbs and creative keywords, the right content and justification of specialized experience are part of the most important ingredience when creating interest in your Federal job resume.

How will SES Resume Writers make your Federal resumes stand out?

  • KSAs
  • ECQs
  • Our headline format
  • Compelling content

Some federal resumes that don't include the ECQ's in a Five Page All Inclusive SES Resume may not even be considered. Making sure you have everything you need in your five-page resume is a great start. Your skills, success, leadership and achievements as a Senior Level professional will be placed front and center for future employers to see when you hire our Federal resume writing service to help get the ball rolling on your new SES career in the government.

Your Resume's Unique Format

Toss out the outdated notion of what your civilian resume looks like. Federal resume writing is a genre unto itself, and must be treated as such. Your Federal job resume will include:

  • A wealth of information about your background
  • Your relevant experience
  • Details about your specific accomplishments
  • and all of your required documentation.

Don't miss the boat with an incomplete Federal resume – hire a Federal resume writing service to cover all your bases and ensure success.

Our Master Federal Resume Writers and Master Federal Career Advisors are standing-by and ready to partner with you on the journey to federal employment. Call us today.

Client Testimonial:

This was my second time working with Bruce--this was an update/rewrite for a new position. He is a professional in every sense of the word, tells you exactly what he needs, coaches you through the process when you're unsure, and maintains a great sense of humor throughout what can be a very stressful and time sensitive process. I HAVE referred friends to Bruce through CareerPro Global; they have been every bit as pleased as I have been, and will continue to recommend him and your company. He is a real gem.


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