SES Group ECQ Best Practices Coaching Webinar

SES Group ECQ Best Practices Coaching WebinarSES GROUP ECQ BP

ECQ Workshops for Small Groups

Does your agency have a small group of up-and-coming employees who need to sharpen their Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) writing skills? Instead of trying to instruct each one on your own, invest in a course that will provide the best instruction to your team while also preserving your valuable schedule.

At SES Resume Writers, we offer SES Group ECQ Best Practices Coaching Webinars aimed at future agency executives. By outsourcing your training, you provide your employees with the best ECQ instruction. We have more than three decades of experience, assisting more than 5,000 military, federal and corporate professionals with developing their Senior Executive Service (SES) applications. Our techniques get the results our clients desire, and we use each experience to build our skill set and expand what we teach in our course.

Help your team learn how to write ECQs that will draw the attention of hiring managers. Give them a useful skill they can repeat by using our step-by-step ECQ writing process.

What Will Your Group Learn in Our ECQ Workshop?

At our workshops, workers discover how to turn experiences into easy-to-digest accomplishments that demonstrate the qualifications needed to rise to an SES position. Each employee will carefully consider their own backgrounds and create answers based on unique experiences.

We help your employees recognize the best accomplishments to highlight. Our proven methods guide candidates to think critically about their past and use it to illustrate their qualifications. We break the session into 90 minutes of instruction and a 30-minute question-and-answer period. We also teach our workshop attendees:

  • Best practices for writing ECQs.
  • How to comply with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) standards.
  • Hands-on lessons from our book, “Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service.”

We finish up with detailed editorial feedback to help students improve their ECQs within 14 days of receipt of their self-written ECQs.

Why Choose Our ECQ Workshops for Small Groups?

The best teachers are the ones who know how to do something better than anyone else. At SES Resume Writers, our Master Senior Executive Writers have unparalleled insights into the most effective techniques for writing ECQs. They have seen what works and can teach your employees to replicate those techniques. They can also explain what doesn’t work, providing the guidance employees need as they perfect their ECQs.

When you choose us to present a workshop, you can control the schedule. Select a day that works within your agency’s busy timetable. Your employees also receive valuable time to ask questions about anything they want further guidance on or don’t understand. Having an expert available for such questions can clear up uncertainties and make the ECQ process much easier.

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Knowing how to write smart, precise and effective ECQs is a career skill that people who want to move up need to demonstrate. To sign up for the course, learn more or request pricing details on a two-hour session for 7 to 10 students, contact our Chief Learning Officer Lee Kelley at You can also call us at 1-800-471-9201.

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