ECQ Writing Workshops

Course Overview:

More and more government agencies are realizing that Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are assimilated into the SES application process, the interview process, and then the annual performance review process. They also realize that everyone struggles with this graduate-level writing assignment.

With this in mind, many government agencies want their promising GS-13s through GS-15s to start “sooner than later” to contemplate their careers and accomplishments through the lens of the ECQs.

And this is where CareerPro Global can help.

As a trusted authority and dominant industry leader, our cadre of highly trained and seasoned SES writers and coaches have assisted more than 5,000 government, military, and corporate professionals in developing their ECQs and other SES application materials.

Over the past several years alone, we have provided ECQ training to aspiring executives at various agencies, including NASA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Air Force Reserve Command, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, and Air Force Research Laboratories.

We also published the first book on SES applications in 2011 (Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service), along with a second edition, released in 2020.

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Training Objectives:

This class is designed to provide groups of 10-15 aspiring executives with the mindset, process, and tools to select and effectively write about their most impactful accomplishments, which demonstrate their executive thinking, planning, communication, and potential. This includes learning about the tactical, proven best practices for selecting ECQ stories and telling them in the most effective and impactful way possible on the page, and all in alignment with the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) stringent standards.


Course Outline for two-hour and ½ day sessions:

  • Overview of proven best practices and executive storytelling techniques.
  • How to use our exclusive ECQ builder to select and share some of your top accomplishments.
  • Q&A with an expert ECQ writer

One and two-day workshops also include:

  • Deep dive on each ECQ with group discussion and example scenarios that others have used effectively to address the various categories and competencies.
  • Practical exercises in which students can begin to work on their own ECQs during the training.

Regardless of class length, all students will receive useful resources such as our exclusive ECQ builders, sample ECQs, and an electronic copy of our book Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service.

When considering your agency’s workforce/professional development needs, it is important to remember the major impact ECQ and SES Interview Prep Training (link bolded words to new page) can have on your future executives – enhancing their self-awareness, their level of polish and preparation, their confidence, and ultimately, their careers.

Course Length

We offer this course in four lengths: a two-hour webinar, a ½ day webinar, a one-day day workshop, and a two-day workshop. Hint: the longer the training, the more time students have for practical exercises to work on their own ECQs and get live feedback from an expert ECQ writer. In addition, the ECQ training is often paired with SES Interview Prep training.

*Note: Two hour and ½ day sessions only available virtually, unless scheduled on consecutive days with another one or two-day class.

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Knowing how to write smart, precise and effective ECQs is a career skill that people who want to move up need to demonstrate. To sign up for the course, learn more or request pricing details on a two-hour session for 7 to 10 students, contact our Chief Learning Officer Lee Kelley at You can also call us at 1-800-471-9201.

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