SES One-on-One ECQ Coaching

SES One-on-One ECQ CoachingSES 1-on-1 ecq

Developing your Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) is similar to completing a graduate-level writing assignment. Creating thorough, detailed ECQs takes about 40-50 hours, or about the same time you spend at one week of a full-time job. Though it is a serious undertaking, it is not impossible, provided you have the right assistance.

Our SES One-on-One ECQ coaching offers the guidance and attention you need to develop effective, eye-catching career accomplishments that can grab the hiring manager’s attention. We have worked with thousands of candidates over our more than 37 years in business, specializing in developing this part of their federal applications.

When you use our services instead of writing the ECQs on your own, you devote less time to the challenge — about 10 to 15 hours. Our Master Executive Senior Writer and Coach can push you toward creating rough draft content you’re your ECQs, and they will revise that content into polished essays for you review and edit. We grasp the unique standards the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is looking for, and use that knowledge to and assist you with streamlining the writing process.

You will emerge from our one-on-one coaching with a better understanding of OPM compliance standards, and a complete set of ECQs. The process includes:

  1. An initial 60 to 90-minute phone call where our coach explains how to use the ECQ builder and ECQ best practices. You can ask questions and discuss possible ECQ stories, plus how they relate to the 28 executive competencies.
  2. A two- to three-week period where you complete our signature ECQ builder, sending in the rough draft of each story one at a time and receiving feedback from our coach, including questions and guidance on better addressing the competencies.
  3. A draft of your ECQs that you can change or add information to within 10 business days, using the track changes function.
  4. Revisions of your rough draft from your coach within 14 days.

The price of SES One-on-One ECQ coaching is $3300.

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