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ECQ Mastery Online Course

ECQ Online Writing Course — Mastery Workshop

If you want to earn a Senior Executive Service (SES) position, you need an exceptional set of Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs). When you submit impressive ECQs, you improve your odds of gaining the placement you desire. However, writing outstanding ECQs can be difficult as it’s similar to a graduate-level writing assignments. That’s why you need assistance if you want to stand out in this competitive field.

At SES Resume Writers, we offer an ECQ Mastery Course — an online class that includes two rounds of valuable editorial feedback to help set you apart from other applicants. You can learn from the best in the business when you take our course as we have successfully assisted more than 4,000 candidates from federal, military and corporate positions. We understand better than anyone the essential qualities you need to include in your ECQs, and we lay them out in easy-to-understand lessons, and provide highly useful tools and resources.

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What Will You Learn in an ECQ Mastery Online Training?

ses-mastery-courseDuring our online training, you will better understand the ECQ assessment process and how to tailor your writing to those guidelines. We will teach you:

  • Best practices for writing your ECQs.
  • How to choose the accomplishments you include in the ECQs.
  • Compliance with Office of Personnel Management (OPM) standards.

The course builds on our SES Executive Core Qualification Best Practices Course. In addition to learning how to write outstanding ECQs, you get two rounds of editorial feedback from one of our highly qualified Master Senior Executive Writers and Coaches. They can explain what works and what doesn’t in your ECQs and offer suggestions for strengthening them.

Who Enrolls in Our ECQ Mastery Online Training?

People taking our course, which costs $1,800, come from a range of backgrounds, including:

  • Generals, Colonels, and other O6 and higher level leaders from all branches of the military.
  • Seasoned G-15s from across the federal government.
  • Attorneys, corporate executives and other professionals from the corporate sector.

Our team has a proven track record and results to make a difference for many federal job seekers. When you enroll in our online training, you learn important tips and techniques to strengthen your ECQs.

Why Choose Our ECQ Mastery Course?

At SES Resume Writers, we are the best at what we do, and you can benefit from our decades of experience. We understand how to teach ECQ mastery in an approachable, flexible manner. You can take the class on your schedule, deciding when to watch and complete your exercises.

You’ll receive several resources when you sign up for our course, including more than five hours of video instruction, samples of ECQs and knowledge checks. When you complete the work, the task of writing your ECQ will no longer feel so daunting. Plus, you’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to tackle this essential part of your SES application.

Are you ready to sign up? Contact our Chief Learning Officer Lee Kelley at or call us at 1-800-471-9201.

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