ECQ Online Writing Course – ECQ Mastery

ECQ Online Writing Course — Mastery Workshop

ECQs are the “heart and soul” of most SES applications and the final standard by which you will be evaluated after being selected for an SES position. If your ECQs don’t make it, you don’t get the job, plain and simple.

As the authors of the first book on SES Applications, Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service, published in 2011, and go-to Company for our success in earning our candidates certification by the QRB, we are now sharing our expertise.

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Many choose online virtual courses due to commitments at their job or at home, travel expenses, time line, and ease of taking the course at their leisure. This first-ever online ECQ virtual workshop provides a roadmap to tell your executive stories through the lens that OPM requires. You can listen to our videos coach you throughout this process, over and over again. The time line, pace, and your commitment are all up to you.

ECQ Online Writing Course — ECQ Mastery Description:

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This course features all of the great training from our ECQ Best Practices Course but takes things to the next level; after you complete writing each ECQ, you will email it to one of CareerPro Global’s expert SES writers.

Your assigned writer will then provide you with detailed written feedback and recommended changes inside the document. You will then revise your ECQs based on the feedback, and the writer will review once more and provide a second round of written feedback.

With a proven process and an expert writer reviewing your materials, you can develop a set of ECQs that represent your top career stories and increase your confidence when applying for SES positions!

ECQ Online Writing Course Mastery Overview

  1. ECQ Online Writing Courses - MasteryReceive training from the only ISO 9001 registered career management service in the world. Learn all proven best practices while being walked through this course by our Director of Training via online videos. Receive our signature and custom ECQ builders, and we also provide samples for each ECQ with comprehensive suggestions. After you complete each ECQ there is even a reminder/checklist to ensure you captured the exact content that is in compliance with the QRB.
  2. You may utilize our online ECQ course for up to three months (one user) and set the course at your own pace. You can take this course online—anywhere! This training provides the option for SES or CDP candidates to receive individual coaching via our online videos, and we will even provide two rounds of professional edits/remarks for each of your ECQs. Scheduling is required with a 5-10 business day turnaround. We even provide a final round of proofreading for your entire ECQ package.
  3. Our edits will include verification that your executive stories are in the CCAR (Challenge, Context, Action, and Result) formula and all 28 core and fundamental competencies have been addressed.
  4. If you have procrastinated in writing and having your ECQs ready for the special SES vacancy announcement, this online course is at your fingertips 24/7, so this is no excuse not to be ready to apply for the SES job of your choice.

The Senior Executive Service is seeking executives who bring unique and productive solutions to address serious and complex issues in our government today and who have the vision and forethought to anticipate the needs, challenges, and issues of tomorrow. Do you have what it takes to become an SES?