SES One-on-One TQ Coaching

SES One-on-One TQ CoachingSES 1-on-1 tq coach

While the ECQs are the most time-intensive part of applying for an SES vacancy, addressing your TQs can also be challenging. You may have to include one to four or even more TQs when you fill out your application. Agencies use the TQs to determine whether a candidate possesses the technical skills and experience to perform the open position’s duties. You can typically submit narrative responses of up to two pages for the TQs on most applications.

Our SES One-on-One TQ coaching helps individuals understand the best practices for TQs and how to identify the experience you should include on your application. We teach our students the right way to showcase their skills, employing the Challenge-Context-Action-Result Format (CCAR), in compliance with the Office of Personnel Management standards. The TQs you create with us will also complement your SES resume.

By selecting one-on-one coaching, you enjoy the opportunity to tailor your time to your needs. You can ask the questions you need and have a Master Executive Senior Writer and Coach focused on your needs the entire session.

The process includes:

  • Completing an initial 30 to 60-minute phone call, where you and your Master Executive Senior Writer and Coach discuss how to use the TQ builder and general best practices for TQs.
  • Finishing your TQ builder over the next week to two weeks.
  • Sending in your rough draft stories in groups of one or two, allowing your writer to give feedback on each section.
  • Reviewing and editing the draft your writer provides.

The price of SES One-on-One TQ coaching is $800. At the end, you receive your TQs edited and ready to send to a hiring manager.

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