SES One-on-One TQ Coaching & Development (30 days)

Price: $700

Most Senior Executive Service (SES) vacancies require applicants to address anywhere from one to four (sometimes more) Technical Qualifications (TQs) as part of their application package. While Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are written for an anonymous Qualifications Review Board at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the TQs come directly from the hiring agency. As such, they are a vital tool that agencies use to determine whether applicants have the technical skills and experience needed to perform their unique mission and achieve their organizational and strategic goals. Most TQs allow up to two pages of narrative responses, and our Master Senior Executive Writers and Coaches can help you effectively showcase your own TQs using the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) format that OPM expects, and in a way that complements your SES resume.


  • The process will begin with a 30–60-minute phone call during which your assigned Master Senior Executive Writer and Coach will explain the best practices and how to use the TQ builder. They will also answer your questions and help brainstorm potential TQ stories. You will leave this call feeling confident and ready to share your best technical/specialized skills and accomplishments!
  • You will then spend the next 7–14 days completing our signature TQ builder to compile your rough draft materials. This is a highly iterative process, where you send in the TQ stories one or two at a time, and your writer provides specific and tailored feedback, along with follow-up questions and guidance.
  • Once all the rough draft materials are received, within 7 days, your Master Senior Executive Writer will revise the rough draft into a polished document that integrates all the best practices, such as using the CCAR format and providing executive-level accomplishments and results.
  • Your TQs will then be sent to our in-house proofreaders, who will check for grammar, flow, consistency, and accuracy.
  • After the proofreader’s review, your writer will send you a draft of your TQs and you will have 14 calendar days to use the track changes function to indicate anything you want to add, change, or remove and ask any questions you might have. You are the final reviewer and approving authority of this document.
  • Your writer will advise if your changes are not aligned with best practices, make any and all edits you, wish and send you back a final draft that you can submit with confidence!

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