Signature Interview-Winning five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume.

Several Men and Women Wearing Business Attire Looking at a PaperAlready proven to be successful and in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and other federal agency’s condensed SES application, our signature interview-winning five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume (as we call it) sails through the hiring screening and addresses your executive leadership, accomplishments, and core competencies. Our new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for developing SES applications hits all best practices and leaves no stones unturned.


This type of SES federal resume writing is the hardest to write because of its content and character-count restraints that include your career history and mini-ECQs (as we call them) in the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model. Many SES vacancy announcements require Technical Qualifications to be addressed within the five pages, as well.

The five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume will include:

  • Your work history going back at least 10 years
  • Leadership and accomplishment focused
  • Major education, training, and certifications
  • Honors, Awards, Presentations, and Publications
  • Keywords from the vacancy Announcement or General Series
  • Compiled using appropriate Senior Executive Service resume formatting and all best practices
  • Five mini-ECQs statements in the CCAR model
  • Technical Qualification statements supporting your expertise

We encourage you to read all vacancy announcements carefully as many agencies require the full set of ECQs that are 10 pages in length. Many of our clients select a five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume, along with a full set of ECQs as their “master copy” in preparation for SES vacancy openings in the future.  It’s absolutely essential that you are prepared for an opening.

Our quality controlled process ensures no stones are left unturned in the development, process, and delivery of your SES application.

What is the Signature five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume?

The five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume will include the five ECQs (Executive Core Qualifications) and TQs (Technical Qualifications), MTQs (Mandatory Technical Qualifications) or DQs (Desirable Qualifications). Our signature five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume–as we have named this application–would appear to be much simpler to develop. However, the fact is that a comprehensive, space-limited federal resume is actually much more complex and time-consuming to develop. Each ECQ (mini-ECQ) and TQ (mini-TQ) is required to be drilled down to 250-300 words or less. While most agencies still require the traditional SES resume and full set of ECQs, there are still a few agencies that prefer the drilled-down five-page SES resume version, but if a candidate is selected for the SES position, we find some agencies still request the full set of ECQs.

What Types of SES Resumes Are There?

Traditional SES Resume and Separate ECQs
The traditional SES resume is written totally with your leadership competencies at the forefront.  We incorporate all best practices to include presentation, executive language, scope of experience, technical skills, and, most importantly, your accomplishments.  Our SES resumes are extremely popular and well-accepted within federal agencies, leading our clients to interview. Our staff proofreaders and editors carefully glean over the completed copy for extra value-added service to our clients.

Capitol BuildingFive-Page SES Resume and Separate ECQs
A 5-page SES resume and up to 10 pages of ECQ documentation. The 28 executive core competencies are required to be addressed throughout each respective ECQ, in addition to TQs, if required. The ECQs are developed in the CCAR model.

Four-Page SES Resume with Executive Competencies
A four-page SES resume with cover letter or omitted cover letter and extending resume to five pages. ECQs are replaced with federal agency’s selection of five executive competencies, such as: Strategic Vision, Resilience, Leadership, Coalition Building, and Human Capital Management, and/or can be replaced by others selected by the hiring agency.

USAJOBS SES Resume with Online ECQ Posting
USAJOBS SES resumes allowing 5,000 characters per job with ECQs entered online with character limits of 4,000 to 8,000 characters. The ECQs are developed in the CCAR model.

Read the Federal Job Vacancy for Instructions
It is imperative that you read each SES application in its entirety prior to writing your package. Different agencies sometimes change requirements from fax and email to mail-in only, as well as SES resume page length, ECQ character count, and font and margins requirements. Any application submission that deviates from what is requested on the specific vacancy announcement will most likely be rejected.



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