SES Candidate Development Program

What is the SES CDP? It’s the Senior Executive Service (SES) Candidate Development Program (CDP) that helps candidates get ready to take on SES positions.

This is a good route to take if you’d like to get promoted to an SES job from within, or even if you’re applying from the outside, the SES CDP is a great head start. Many senior executives get their start by entry into this SES program, and you can, too. Allow us to partner with you to develop your very important SES CDP resume and get your foot in the door for a future SES position.

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Client Testimonial: 

“I thought I would share with you that I did make the Candidate Development Program. Just to give you a perspective: 2,200 hundred DHS applicants. Down select to 300 for interviews via telephone. Down select to 150 in panel interviews. Final selection 37… The resume was a key ingredient in my selection. Thank you.” – A. A.

Woman in Business Attire Smiling and Shaking Hands with Another Woman in Business AttireWhat Does the SES Candidate Development Program Involve?

Not only will this program help you get your application ready to gain employment or on the executive leadership track in the federal government, but it can also help you get additional experience to add to your federal resume and application package so you can jump when an SES job is available. SES jobs typically don’t stay open for very long, so let our SES resume-writing team help you be fully prepared for when that opportunity comes.

The SES Candidate Development Program also offers SES training programs for future positions. How does SES training work? Activities that help candidates learn the five Executive Core Qualifications will be a boost when it’s time to get ready for your SES Application package. You’ll be groomed for an SES job using your skills as a leader, which will be further honed by SES tutoring.

Essentially, you’ll already be prepared with the skills you need once you get hired for an SES position. This will definitely set you apart from the other applicants and will ensure your success and future hiring prospects.

Benefits of Hiring Our SES Resume Writing Team

The SES Candidate Development Program provides you with the tools you’ll need to apply for many federal positions. You’ll also be CDP certified, which means that once you’ve finished the CDP program, you’ll be qualified in certain technical skills, SES-related job behaviors, as well as leadership skills that will be useful for SES positions.

SES CDP graduates will be looked at for non-competitive SES positions, once it’s determined that all qualifications are met. You’ll have the skill set you need to prove you’re talented enough to move right into an SES position. You’ll also have assistance in creating a presentation and getting all of the necessary applications and documentation ready. Finishing the SES Candidate Development Program makes you an asset to the federal government!

Who Qualifies for the Candidate Development Program?

The Senior Executive Service Candidate Development program is a good step to take if you’re not ready to attempt the SES application process because you’re not sure that you have the necessary executive leadership stories and competencies to address.

How Does Being in the Candidate Development Program Impact Your Chances of Joining the Senior Executive Service?

Being chosen for the CDP means that you’ll work with a mentor on assignments based on your particular areas of strength. You’ll receive more than 80 hours of ECQ training and gain the perspective you’ll need to work for the federal government. However, there are no guarantees of employment within the SES. The certification you will receive is a necessary component of your application process, but you still have to meet all of the required qualifications for an SES position within the federal government. The CDP gets you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Man in Suit Sitting, Holding Paper and Smiling with Several other People in Suits Sitting Behind HimBenefits of the SES Candidate Development Program

Our SES services are overseen by a team with more than two decades of experience serving federal government, military, and corporate clients. We know what it takes to win an SES position; in fact, our founder, Barbara Adams, has co-authored three books on federal hiring: Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service (2011), Roadmap to Becoming an Administrative Law Judge (2011), and Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes (2012). We know what SES hiring committees look for and how to position you for success.

In January 2015, we launched new best practices for developing SES and CDP applications. We utilize all best practices and our new SOP that meets our quality management system requirements. Our proven process and past performance, and now upgraded Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), generate the best results of landing acceptance into the CDP.

We are proud to have achieved a 99.6% customer satisfaction rating and to have won the 2011 Career Innovation Award from Career Directors International. As a quality oriented business, we employ a processes-driven approach to SES CDP that has been proven to get results for our candidates.

Let Us Help You Apply for the SES Candidate Development Program

Applying for an SES CDP should be thought of as an ongoing process. The successful candidate will be the one who adequately presents themselves to ensure they meet the hiring committee’s exact criteria. It’s not uncommon for even an experienced public servant to be passed over for an SES position simply because another candidate took the time to properly and persuasively display the position’s required core competencies. Don’t let yourself get left behind; in the Candidate Development Program, we’ll provide you with branding and application development expertise so you can take your career to the next level with a Senior Executive Service position. Contact our team today to find out how!



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