ECQ Online Writing Course – Best Practices – First of it’s Kind

SES ECQ Best Practices

You Can Now Write Your Own ECQs with This Self-Paced Online ECQ Training.

Learn from the leading SES Application Writers in the World. We are now sharing our secrets and best practices through clear video presentation, signature ECQ builders, sample ECQs and comprehensive explanation and guidance.

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ECQ Online Writing Course Best Practices Description:

Some candidates want to write their own ECQs but don’t know where to start For the first time ever, there is now assistance through our on-line course. We make this process very simple to understand. This course is a step-by-step guide that will not only educate you on the proven best practices, but put you in the right mindset to approach ECQ development through the lens of OPM QRB. This ECQ online writing course takes you through how to select your leadership topics and then how to write your ECQs in the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) model.

What about those 28 core and fundamental competencies? This ECQ e-learning course will explain how and where to write about and integrate the competencies through each specific ECQ. You can listen to this course over and over again to ensure your most important ECQ stories meet all OPM and QRB requirements. With this kind of expert training, video presentation, checklists, builders and using our proven process, your chances of success increase dramatically!

SES ECQ Best Practices Online

An online option offers the flexibility you need to fit this valuable course into your busy schedule. You can determine when to take the class — squeeze in a session during your lunch hour or wait until the kids have gone to bed. With online learning, you do the whole course on your time.

Apply the practical skills you learn from our course as you write your ECQ. You will also gain insights into your career that may prove valuable during an interview. Enjoy the benefits of additional education while taking the course on your timeline, in your own home.

ECQ Best Practices Course Outline:

  1. ECQ Online Writing Courses - Best PracticeECQ Online Writing Courses – Best Practice lecture and coaching via video
  2. Leading Change overview, scenarios, and sample
  3. Selecting your Leading Change topic(s)
  4. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  5. Leading People overview, scenarios, and sample
  6. Selecting your Leading People topic(s)
  7. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format using our signature builders
  8. Results Driven overview, scenarios, and sample
  9. Selecting your Results Driven topic(s)
  10. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  11. Business Acumen overview, scenarios, and sample
  12. Selecting your Business Acumen topic(s)
  13. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  14. Building Coalitions overview, scenarios, and sample
  15. Selecting your Building Coalitions topic(s)
  16. Step-by-step process for writing your ECQ in the CCAR format
  17. Competency checklist
  18. Formatting and Submitting Your ECQs

ECQs are one of the most challenging career documents to develop. With the tools provided, a simple clear process, and professional support, you will improve your chances of success dramatically!

This ECQ e-learning course is the next best thing to actually writing your ECQs alone. You will receive professional guidance leading to a successfully written set of ECQs.

Contact: Lee Kelley, Director of Training & Development at or call 1-800-471-9201 for additional information, scheduling, fees and registration.