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CareerPro Global, through the SES Resume Writers website, is pleased to announce the availability of career coaching and interview preparation services. Our comprehensive coaching options, led by a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), have helped numerous clients, from entry-level to the Senior Executive Service (SES), to develop more confidence in developing their oral presentations in support of their job applications. We have also provided our clients with little-known secrets. Learn how to identify and adapt to an interviewer’s style, how to master behavioral-based interviewing, and much more.

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Below is an overview of our two interview preparation packages. For more information and a free consultation, please contact Pat Duckers.

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Basic Interview Coaching

Are you confident in your oral presentation skills, and just need to create a plan? If so, the basic interview coaching package is for you. The expert team at SES Resume Writers will create a strategic action plan so you can have a job-winning oral presentation. Learn about the various types of interviews, common interview questions and how to identify and adapt to the interviewer’s style. This package includes:

  • General Interviewing Insights Assessment (GIIA): This specialized assessment provides a very realistic and accurate assessment of your communication skills and perception of you. This raises awareness of flaws within your communication style so you can fix them and be more successful. It takes about 10 minutes and can be done at home.
  • One hour of coaching: Your coach will review your GIIA with you and also present an interactive interviewing success model. You can use this model to help you begin preparing your presidential statement and overview to increase your interviewing success. This coaching session will give you a strategic direction to help prepare for your next interview, whether it is a group panel, one-on-one or phone screening.
  • One week of email follow-up with your coach: We’ll assist you with questions and other matters not covered during our initial phone consultation.

Client Testimonials for Basic Interview Coaching

With the basic interview coaching package from SES Resume Writers, you will feel more confident in your Senior Executive Service interview. Here is what some of our clients had to say about their experience with us:

“Just wanted to let you know that because of your work, I had my interview today with DIA for the SES job. Add another to a success in getting the interview. Thanks to you and the team! You do great work and I will recommend CareerPro Global to others. ”Chris

“I am writing to let you know that I had an interview yesterday morning and was offered the SES job approximately 2 1/2 hours later. They are sending my name to the review board. I thought you would want to know. Thanks for all your help!” – S. J.

career-coaching-photo-2Behavioral Interview Coaching

s part of preparing for interviews, some individuals want to do a practice round to feel confident in their communication skills and interviewing abilities. To have a successful Senior Executive Service interview, it is important to be aware of behavioral interview questions and know how to respond to them.

The behavioral interview coaching package is designed for the professional who would like to practice their interviewing skills with a coach. This package includes the areas covered in our basic interview coaching package as well as:

  • A 30-minute recorded mock interview: We will craft 12-15 questions based on your target position or job to represent a sampling of different interview question types. You will also receive a CD-ROM of your recorded mock interview after your program.
  • An evaluation of your answers conducted live with your coach: We’ll set aside a meeting time to playback your answers, at which time your coach will provide constructive feedback designed to raise your awareness of any deficiencies and to reinforce any strengths.
  • One week of email follow-up with your coach: We’ll assist you with questions and other matters not covered during our initial phone consultations.

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Client Testimonial

When it comes to preparing for interviews, it is important to prep the material and quality of your responses. Behavioral interview coaching at SES Resume Writers will help you have a successful interview and land your dream SES job. Here is what one of our clients said about our behavioral interview coaching package:

“When I think of excellence, I think of two of the members of your staff who are simply great–Lee and Patricia. I have worked closely with both of them. Both are timely, patient, sensitive to circumstances, and brilliant in their work fields. Barbara coached me on three occasions toward my interview, which happened yesterday. One never knows who might be chosen to any position, but I must say I felt prepared during my interview. Her questions of me were on target. Her framing of my answers was outstanding and her feedback and availability extraordinary. Lee took my resume, talked to me a few times, and masterfully constructed a resume that has placed me worthy of being interviewed. There was not one mistake in his work and his sense of how to present my life’s work was obviously what made me attractive to the employer, since previously, my resume had not merited me an interview. I would use either or both again and again.”George W. Reid, Ph.D.

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To start having the successful career you’re dreaming of, enlist the help of the professionals at SES Resume Writers. We will help you write your resume, craft your ECQ statements and prepare for your interview. We guarantee that our products will lead to your satisfaction and success.

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