SES One-on-One Resume Coaching & Development (21 days)

Price: $2,200

To maximize your chances of success when applying to a Senior Executive Service (SES) vacancy, you can set yourself apart from the competition with a tailored, accomplishment-driven executive leadership resume! Our highly accomplished team has assisted many thousands of applicants in developing their resumes while applying the best practices we’ve gained in order to assist them. We will do the same for you! The process involves partnering with a seasoned Master Senior Executive Writer and Coach, providing your career documentation for the past decade, and answering their questions about your top accomplishments and career goals.

Your writer will then demonstrate how to analyze the vacancy announcement and how to upgrade your old resume into a compelling presentation that tells your story and matches your relevant skills and experience with the language of and qualifications listed in the vacancy announcement. At the end of this partnership, you will have a strong SES resume that you can submit with confidence!


  • SES Resume CoachingThe process will begin with a 30–60-minute phone call during which your assigned Master Senior Executive Writer and Coach will explain the best practices and the information gathering process, then answer your questions.
  • You will then spend the next 7–14 days providing your career documentation and filling out a tailored resume questionnaire. This is an iterative process, where your writer provides specific and tailored feedback, along with follow-up questions as needed.
  • Once all the rough draft materials are received, within 7 days your Master Senior Executive Writer will upgrade your old resume into a comprehensive document that integrates all the best practices, such as providing executive-level accomplishments and results.
  • Your resume will then be sent to our in-house proofreaders, who check for grammar, flow, consistency, and accuracy.
  • You will then receive a draft of your new SES resume and have 14 calendar days to ask any questions, and annotate any additions, revisions or deletions on the draft using the “track changes” function. You are the final reviewer and approving authority of this document.
  • Your writer will advise if your changes are not aligned with best practices, make any and all edits you wish, and send you back a final draft that you can submit with confidence!

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