SES Federal Resume Help Process

Senior Executive Service applications are complex and highly detailed. The majority of application packages do not make the cut when put under scrutiny by the hiring agency, and only a few applicants will receive interviews. As consultants, we work closely with you, drawing out the necessary background information to create the most favorable application package possible.

Our quality controlled process ensures no stones are left unturned in the development, process, and delivery of your SES application.


Preliminary Qualification Process for Federal Resume Help: The most important and determining factor in partnering with you to develop your SES application is a preliminary review of your experience and SES vacancy announcement of interest by our in-house career coaches. Below is a brief outline of how we work with you when you engage our services:

  1. You are introduced to your SES writer, who will partner with you to accomplish a perfect SES application.
  2. Your special or unique qualities are extracted through telephone consultations, email, online builders, and research.
  3. All keywords, core and fundamental competencies, and factors are blended with your experience, accomplishments, professional skills, education, and other specialized attributes into a crystallized, powerful presentation.
  4. Our professional editors perform a comprehensive review with their eagle eyes to ensure all grammar, punctuation, tense usage, and voice meet and exceed company Quality Assurance (QA) standards, and your documents are in compliance with federal application protocols.
  5. Your drafts are emailed to you, and your SES writer works with you to discuss content and finalize your project. You are now ready to apply to your select federal job vacancy.

We are accustomed to working with executives all over the world to develop SES applications via email, telephone consultation, and online builders. Our SES writers are recognized as the best in the industry, and our company is the ONLY company to incorporate a strict quality process into each document we create.

Two Men and One Woman in Business Attire Smiling and Looking at a LaptopClient Testimonial:

“I strongly endorse CareerPro’s SES writing services. I was interviewed and accepted for the SES position, and the ECQs and TQs sailed through OPM with no edits/questions at all (something the Hiring Director for my office said she had not seen in her 10 years there). I have now started my new position. While I consider myself a reasonably good writer, the ECQs and TQs I produced on my own were simply not good enough. I was not fully comfortable with hiring a writing service like CareerPro, but after some reflection, I decided that it was worth the investment. Lee worked with me intensively over the next three weeks, asking detailed questions and kicking several drafts back and forth with me to make sure they accurately captured my career in a way that ensured all of the bases that both the hiring office and OPM wanted to see were covered.

“I also urge anyone looking for an SES-level position not to be discouraged if they don’t get hired on the first try. In my case, I was not even asked back for an interview for the first position (though, when I asked for feedback, I was told that the package itself was noticeably stronger than the initial submission I had drafted on my own–the problem was the hiring office did not consider me the right fit for the job). But I now had a set of ECQs ready to go, and (having been through the process with Lee once), it was relatively easy to develop a good set of TQs for a different position. And, as noted above, my second SES application ended with my hiring. I greatly appreciate the help Lee and CareerPro gave me, and I wish you success in your own efforts to find the right SES position for you.” – Mike Condray

How long does it take to develop an SES application?

OPM states in its SES guide that you can expect to devote 80 or more hours to develop your SES application. Most executives do not have the time to spare, or the immediate knowledge of all the fundamental technical requirements to put together a strong ECQ package. Not an easy task, even for the most accomplished writer. We require only up to 10 to 15 or more hours of your time, as this is an interactive process, and at least 7 to 14 days to develop your entire SES application.

To begin the process:

  1. Email or fax us a copy of your federal vacancy announcement, along with your resume.
  2. An executive career coach will contact you within 24 hours of receipt to discuss qualification criteria, timeline, costs, and path forward.
  3. Or, call 800-471-9201 and speak to an executive career coach directly.

This review is FREE and we will determine if we can indeed qualify you to become one of the next  SES leaders within the federal government.

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Full-service writing / pricing

This is a major executive writing project, which averages 25 pages. Our full-service writing team averages between 40 and 60 hours to develop a professional and comprehensive SES package. To effectively complete a comprehensive SES package, we will require a minimum of seven business days. Some SES applications take longer.

Woman in Business Attire Smiling

Pricing starts at $800.00 for an SES federal resume to more than $4,500.00 for a complete package.  Payment terms are available.

Our SES writing service is for the serious SES candidate. This effort is a partnership, and we will brainstorm with you to extract great content that will earn you a best qualified rating as well as an interview. Your help in giving us more specific information will help your writer/ghostwriter in providing you with a high-quality application. We collect past performance appraisals, awards, articles, military OERs, and more; develop builders that guide you to extract key content and examples of your leadership experience; and perform lengthy telephone consultations. We will do whatever it takes to get the job done and to do it well!

Completion time

Completion time for an SES application ranges from 10 to 14 days. Call for shorter timelines to determine whether we can accommodate your special requirements.