Roadmap to Federal Jobs

Roadmap to Federal Jobs

How to determine your qualifications, develop an effective USAJobs resume, apply for and land U.S. Government jobs

by Barbara A. Adams & Lee Kelley

CareerPro Global’s new book- Roadmap to Federal Jobs- condenses 37 years of experience from CareerPro Global into one resource.

Whether you are already in the government, or transitioning from the military or private sector, this book can assist you in beginning or expanding your federal career. Likewise, career coaches and advisors will now have a clear and effective roadmap and tools to assist their clients, students and veterans they support.

This BEST EVER federal job resume and USAJOBS book provides amazing samples using our signature HEADLINE format and clearly guides you through the federal hiring process. Earn best qualified results and take advantage of our CD Rom with the USAJOBS Builder and loads of samples.



Roadmap To The Senior Executive Service

How to Find SES Jobs, Determine Your Qualifications, and Develop Your SES Application

by Barbara A. Adams & Lee Kelley

CareerPro Global’s senior writing team develops hundreds of interview and job-winning Senior Executive Service (SES) applications each year, and The Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service has been written from their insider’s perspective.

Let our experienced writers help you gain entry to the SES. This book will:

  • Provide valuable information to help you understand the SES.
  • Guide you through finding SES jobs and explain what to expect during the hiring process.
  • Offer advice on developing an effective SES resume.
  • Help you write your Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and Technical Qualifications (TQs).
  • Show you how to submit your application.
  • Prepare you for your interview.

The book also includes an executive toolbox with blank templates and builders, as well as sample resumes and ECQs. The book outlines the easy five-step process our writers have used to develop resumes for thousands of military, professional and other SES candidates. The book can help you determine if you qualify for an SES job and advise you on pursuing it.

When you finish, you will produce an Office of Personnel Management (OPM)-compliant application package. Learn from the best in the industry, who offer a unique perspective you won’t find in other books.


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