Executive Resume Writing Services

Whether you are applying for a top-level management position with the Senior Executive Service or a high-profile private-sector role, the competition is fierce. Consequently, preparing a resume that outlines your unique accomplishments and executive-level experiences in the most favorable light is a crucial first step for career advancement.

SES Writers provides comprehensive career advice and SES resume-writing services to leading executives and members of the military. About 85% of our clients land interviews because prior to package development a consultation is performed to determine/vet SES eligibility. Our writing team excels at helping candidates stand out from a crowded field of applicants. If you are considering submitting your resume for a Senior Executive Service position or you need to modify your SES resume for a position in the private sector, schedule a complimentary consultation with SES Writers.

How Does an SES Resume Differ from a Standard Resume?

Although both your SES resume and your private-sector resume highlight key strengths and achievements, leadership qualities as well as technical and managerial skills, there are several important differences. Federal government resumes contain more information than civilian resumes. They are also formatted in a specific way and are keyword-based for faster candidate selection.

Perhaps the biggest difference between private-sector and SES resumes is the additional detailed information required and ECQs. Private-sector resume packages do not require the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) section, which is one of the most important attributes of the SES resume. Instead, your private-sector resume will incorporate the qualifications and characteristics on your ECQs and flesh them out in accomplishments. An SES resume is typically five pages long, with up to 10 additional pages for the five ECQs. A private-sector resume is much shorter but still incorporates experience, accomplishments, and the value you offer.

Although private-sector and SES resumes differ in terms of length and somewhat in terms of content, they must both be tailored to address the requirements identified in the position description. That means that you should have a master resume prepared for modification so you can quickly apply to a newly opened position. Also in both cases, you should be prepared to furnish other required documentation. Following job vacancy instructions precisely is essential.

What Are the Different Types of SES Resumes?

For anyone applying for an executive position, simply listing your job duties is no longer sufficient in today’s job market. Your SES resume should highlight your unique skill set, technical qualifications, and accomplishments, while also maintaining a succinct and direct style that appeals to potential employers. In other words, your SES resume should demonstrate the value you will bring to the organization.

SES Writers has worked with clients to create resumes targeted to each individual vacancy announcement. These resumes typically can be categorized as one of the following:

  • 5-Page SES Resume: The 5-Page SES resume format is the most popular and excels in presenting a strong case for candidacy, while also keeping a relatively succinct length. For positions seeking a candidate able to be both concise and high-impact, this resume commands attention and drives results.
  • Traditional SES Resume: For some vacancies and hiring authorities, a deeper, more traditional approach gets the best results. For 30 years, we have helped our clients stay in touch with federal hiring best practices, which include the situations in which traditional SES resume formats are still preferred.

How Can I Create the Best SES Resume?

Many SES applicants find the application process daunting. Not only must your resume feature rich content that demonstrates relevant aptitude and experience, but it must also meet stringent federal guidelines. One of the most effective ways to start on the right foot is to create a clearly defined career plan, which will help you identify and meet critical benchmarks for your SES career goals.

You can also improve your chances of winning your ideal job offer by working with a professional SES resume writer who understands the formats and content required to secure an interview. That is why seasoned professionals often choose to work with a career management firm that specializes in SES resumes and applications.

Why Choose SES Writers?

SES Writers has been helping CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, company presidents, and military officers reach their career goals for more than 30 years. We are the proud recipients of the prestigious Career Innovator Award for 2011 and the authors of Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service and several other noteworthy publications related to the executive resume and job application process.

As the first and only career management service in the entire world to achieve ISO 9001 certification, we set the standard in our industry with our unmatched commitment to quality and service.

At SES Writers:

  • We have 30+ years of experience working with executives and writing federal applications
  • 99.6% of our customers are extremely happy with the service they receive at SES Writers
  • 85% of our clients are invited to interview for the position for which they have applied
  • Over 58,000 clients have used our services since 1986
  • We’ve been nominated for and earned “Toast of the Resume Industry” (TORI) awards on seven occasions
  • Our team includes some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished career coaches and master resume writers in the business

Our founder, Barbara Adams, is a nationally recognized expert on executive resume writing, having co-authored and published three books on the subject, including:

  • Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service
  • Roadmap to Becoming an Administrative Law Judge
  • Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes

In addition, CareerPro Global is the author and administrator of the following industry certifications:

  • Master Federal Career Advisor (MFCA)
  • Master Federal Career Advisor/Trainer (MFCA/T)
  • Master Federal Resume Writer (MFRW)
  • Master Military Resume Writer (MMRW)

What Do I Need to Get Started?

If you’re interested in getting started with an SES resume, you’ll get the best results if you have collected the following documents:

  • Your current resume
  • The vacancy announcement for the job to which you’d like to apply

If you are interested in getting a quote on the SES resume cost, these documents will help us provide you with an accurate quote. All cost information for SES resumes is based on your series, pay grade, level of composition, vacancy requirements, and the position(s) you are seeking. This ensures our team is able to get you the best possible return on investment for your resume.

Whether you’re in public service, the private industry, or the military, SES Writers gives you the tools and training you need to take your career to the next level. Contact SES Writers to learn how our resume-writing services will help you sell yourself to prospective employers and land that coveted executive position you’ve been striving for!