Federal Government Resume Writing

At this point in your career, you’ve accumulated a wealth of education, experience, leadership, and knowledge. But how you present those skills on your federal government job resume will make or break your shot at an SES position.

Not sure what to highlight or how to format your federal government resume? We can help.

SES Resume Writers has a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate, and 85% of our clients land interviews leading to job offers. Find out what the leading career service for federal resume writing, career coaching, and training can do for you!

White Stone PillarsWhat’s Different About Federal Government Resume Writing

The Federal Government Resume for Senior Executives contains substantially more information than a civilian resume. The format is very specific, as outlined by the federal government. And there’s no Human Resources (HR) person to send a thoughtful cover letter to. Instead, it’s an automated online system that can actually stop you mid-­application if you don’t meet the job qualifications.

You must include the keywords required for the job(s) for which you are applying, and for Senior Executive positions, the resume needs to convey the senior-level experience that you have performed during your career, using the most compelling descriptions possible.

Each SES position may receive hundreds of application packages; however, typically, only a few of the very top applicants will be interviewed. Your SES package must be exceptional to garner the coveted “best qualified” status.

Each federal government position has its own specific requirements, including who can apply, when applications are accepted, and the required documentation to apply. These requirements can be very confusing, and if you do not follow the requirements, you will not get the interview.

Client Testimonials:

“I would recommend this service to anyone serious about getting a federal position. My hard work and experience was displayed in a magnificent way and this service helped me get my dream job.” – Ben. L 

“I’m a retired Major General and have had lots of execs, aides, and secretaries, and my career advisors at CPG are outstanding! They had a comfortable and familiar way of communicating that was very effective and their system (especially Lee during the writing phase) of back-and-forth reviews made the project effortless but also better than I could have hoped for. They have earned my sincere appreciation.” – Maj General “Hoot” Gibson

Completing Your Federal Government Resume

Don’t go it alone. We’ve completed thousands of resumes, and any federal resume writer from our team is extremely knowledgeable with the format, the content, and the keywords necessary to make your resume shine. We promise to help you put your best foot forward through your federal government job resume.

Federal government resumes must be complete, with information not ordinarily found on other resumes—including the series and grade you are applying for, full addresses of previous employers, supervisor names and phone numbers, and a detailed listing of your education and training. Most importantly, your federal government resume must include your top experiences, skills, and accomplishments for you to stand out and be most competitive. Please be prepared to make a serious time investment when preparing for your SES application—whether it’s with us, on your own, or elsewhere.

When contacting us for your free consultation via our Quick Quote form, please attach your resume and the job vacancy or position of interest so we can best serve you. Any additional career documents will also be helpful for our career coaches to gauge the process, cost, and next steps in the federal government resume-writing process.

Man Holding Pen and ResumeAbout Our Federal Government Resume Services

We have certified government resume-writing experts with dozens of years of experience, in house, ready to prepare dynamic SES federal resumes that highlight your senior-level achievements. We’ve helped more than 58,000 clients with their federal government resume, more than any other company.

You can be next.

The government is looking for strong leaders and achievers with great communications and people skills. We’ll make sure your best attributes are portrayed to maximum effect. Help us help you make your federal government job resume shine.