Federal Resume Writing Services

Writing a federal resume requires strict detail and adherence to federal resume guidelines you wouldn’t know without experience. At SES Resume Writers, we have written more than 60,000 military, corporate and federal resumes, putting us in the lead among our competitors. We are here to offer the federal resume writing services you need.

Skills Required Heading of a Job ApplicationFederal vs. Civilian Resumes

If you have written a civilian resume before, you will notice that federal job resume writing is a different process with unique guidelines. Instead of having one resume that fits every application, like you could for most private-sector jobs, you will need to tailor your resume specifically for each individual federal job to show your qualifications for the position. If the resume is being written for the SES level, it must entail leadership qualifications and accomplishments. General experience listings won’t be enough to acquire a federal job. Your federal resume needs to be concise and extremely specific to address the reasons you are a fit to become one of the next executives in the federal government.

At SES Resume Writers, we write your resume to show professional achievements and leadership capacity using a headline format and compelling content that will prove your experience, skills and accomplishments. It is crucial to make use of all the best practices. Strict compliance with vacancy-specific and federal guidelines escalates your resume to federal hiring authorities.

USAJOBS Resume Writing

The USAJOBS application system has more federal government listings than any other site. With hundreds of candidates, the process exists to extract any applicants who fail to follow simple guidelines, which means your USAJOBS resume needs to be precise and follow the specifications exactly. Federal hiring managers want to know you can follow instructions before they consider your actual qualifications.

The resume itself needs to address specific content, core competencies, keywords and experience unique to the posting so you can earn a ranking as a best-qualified candidate and get your invitation for a job interview. You’ll be able to keep your USAJOBS federal resume in the system for whatever amount of time you need, as well as the ability to develop multiple versions for different applications.

What Should a USAJOBS Resume Look Like?

Because every job announcement will require a tailored resume, there is no federal resume writing guide that will give you surefire results. With that in mind, there are a few tips you can use to increase your chances of getting your resume past the initial filters.

When you start the federal application process through USAJOBS, you will be asked a series of assessment questions that determine your experience level. Your response content needs to appear in the body of your USAJOBS resume and the answers should reflect your superior knowledge and skill level. Simple errors can mean automatic elimination by the USAJOBS system before it reaches the review stage.

Man Writing with a PenHow Often to Update Your USAJOBS Resume

With federal applications and USAJOBS resumes specifically, a one-size-fits-all approach will not work to get you the job you want. Professional federal resumes need to represent you as a perfect fit for each opening, which means your USAJOBS resume should be updated to show specific experience and keywords that fit with the job listing. You are far more likely to be invited for an interview if the answers to your assessment questions and the information on your resume line up to reflect your suitability for the position.

Federal Resume Guidelines

Writing a federal resume means following federal resume guidelines to ensure hiring managers are able to find the exact details they are looking for with just a quick glance. You will need to list details about employment you have had in the past, which should include the dates of employment, salary, address of the company and supervisor’s name.

One of the most important federal resume tips is that you need to follow every detail of the guidelines, including character counts, for every section. The resume should tell a story that anybody would want to read about the professional experience you possess and the reason you are the right candidate. It’s crucial to employ strong verbs, creative keywords and core compentencies, cohesive, understandable content that will compel hiring departments to reach out for more information.

USAJOBS Resume Pricing

The pricing for federal resume services varies depending on a number of important factors. We take your series and pay grade into account as well as the level of composition the writers have to put into the resume. The level of your experience and how technical in nature your past positions entail. Page length and job requirements are factors as well. Price structures determined by specific resume qualities allow us to create unique resumes more likely to land each individual position.

Our writers need to be able to access the proper resources and put in whatever amount of time it takes to customize your resume properly.

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If you’re looking for professional federal resume writing services you can trust to get you the federal job you have always wanted, SES Resume Writers is exactly what you need. We have enjoyed more than 30 successful years in the business and our award-winning, industry-leading authors specialize in federal and military resumes.

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