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You’re interested in applying for an SES (Senior Executive Service) position in the Washington, D.C area, but where do you start? How about the DC SES resume writers who have completed more than 58,000 corporate, military, and federal resumes and over 3,000 SES applications? The ones with a 99.6% customer satisfaction rate; the only Washington, D.C. SES resume service with an 85% client interview rate.

Our ears are ringing. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

The SES Resume Writers’ award-winning staff has more than two decades of experience to help you get the SES job you are looking for in Washington, D.C. Find out how we can turn your years of experience, leadership, and education into a Washington, D.C. SES resume that will earn you a coveted “best qualified” rating.

Client Testimonials:

“I definitely will recommend your service to my friends and co-workers. My resume placed me at the top of the list ‘best qualified candidate’ with three agencies. I was ‘best qualified,’ interviewed and offered the SES position pending a background investigation. My interview was conducted by a 12-member team, and each one of them told me that they were very impressed with my resume application. Thank you for an excellent job; I am very pleased.” – P. S., SES Applicant

“I received the official offer for the SES Forest Management Director position with the U.S. Forest Service yesterday. My application as you prepared it made it through the QRB without a hitch. So, once again thanks for all your excellent work with my ECQs, resume, and TQs!!” – Tom Peterson 

“I was selected for the SES position and my ECQs were submitted to OPM with minimal change. My personnel office informed me they were the best they had ever seen and should be the ‘example’ for the future submissions. It all started with you; thanks again for all your assistance.” – Steve W., SES, Office of the Inspector General, Department of Defense 

“I called CareerPro Global after looking on the Internet for help with an SES package. I was in a time crunch, did not know where to start, and I did not feel I had any of the expertise to be considered for the position, but thought I should talk to someone before I decided not to apply. Upon my initial contact, I was immediately put at ease. They showed me that I not only qualified, but that I was a strong contender for the position. They assured me right upfront that they would do all the work and all I would have to do is answer their questions, provide the background information, and RELAX.

“True to their word, my resume and technical skills were done in an amazing amount of time. The greatest surprise to me was the answers to the ECQs were EXACTLY how I would have answered the questions if I had the time to sit down and write them myself. It is because of their skill, caring, and encouragement I made it to the board and was interviewed for the SES. Without them, I would never have applied.” – Carol Susan Kisthardt, NCIS

How Our Resume Services Work

SES positions are the highest-ranked executive level spots in the federal government. The federal government in Washington, D.C. is seeking men and women with well -honed executive leadership skills and qualifications that can continue to transform government at the highest levels. These positions offer a great salary and the career is very rewarding.

Client Testimonial:

“This was my second time working with SES Writers–this was an update/rewrite for a new position. Bruce is a professional in every sense of the word, tells you exactly what he needs, coaches you through the process when you’re unsure, and maintains a great sense of humor throughout what can be a very stressful and time-sensitive process. I have referred friends to Bruce through CareerPro Global; they have been every bit as pleased as I have been, and will continue to recommend him and your company. He is a real gem.”–DEH

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So, how do you get started? Our Washington, D.C. SES resume-writing team has years of experience in helping Washington professionals take the next career step.

Our executive government resume writers start by assessing your executive leadership strengths, talents, and skill set. Next, we help you flesh out executive leadership stories by utilizing our proven process and our signature builders. Our skilled DC SES resume writers will pay special attention when developing an individualized executive resume and ensure it is in compliance with federal and SES resume requirements. Our writers develop the content HR is looking for and match the experience required in the select vacancy announcement. We develop an artfully crafted five-page SES resume that is professional and highlights your executive leadership experience, accomplishments, and knowledge that will meet the hiring agencies and OPM’s expectations. Once your SES resume is developed, it can be tweaked for other positions within the Senior Executive Service in the Washington, D.C. area.

pic1Why You Should Leave Your Washington, D.C. SES Resume to the Pros

It’s simple! Our SES government resume writers have more than 25 years of experience in understanding the full application process. This process is extremely complex, and your SES resume will need to stand above the rest. Our experienced team can help you make sure you are at the top of the list by taking the guesswork out of figuring out what you need in order to get that first interview.

The government in Washington, D.C is looking for strong leaders and achievers with fantastic communication and leadership skills. Let us help you get a foot in the door and navigate the process from start to finish. Contact us to learn more.