Lee Kelley

Man in SuitLee Kelley, BA
Managing Editor and Director of Training
Senior Executive Coach & Writer
Master Federal Career Advisor
Veteran Transition Expert
Master Federal/Military Resume Writer

Lee Kelley serves on the company’s executive team as Chief Learning Officer, while also serving as Managing Editor overseeing the daily operations of a full-time writing staff. With 25+ years of diverse professional experience, he is a highly sought-after executive writer, trainer, and coach who has worked directly with over 1,000 leaders. Most of his clients are senior government employees (GS-14/15s), senior military field grade/flag officers (such as Colonels and Generals), and corporate executives.

Lee has developed and presented expert training to many government agencies and individual job seekers on a range of topics. A prolific writer, he has written a number of books, along with thousands of federal/senior executive/military transition resumes, articles, and blog posts, and more than 4,000 Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) and Technical Qualification (TQ) essays.

Lee is also a U.S. Army combat veteran who spent half of his time in the service on active duty and the rest in the National Guard, working his way from Private (E1) up to Captain (O3). He was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq, for a year, where he managed all communications technology for a 600-person organization in combat. He received a Bronze Star Medal for exemplary service, and upon returning home, was assigned as Company Commander for 275 soldiers.

A couple of years later, Lee decided to leave the military in 2008 to focus more on his family and pursue his passion for writing and empowering others. He has been with CareerPro Global ever since.

With his unique blend of versatile communication, leadership, expert knowledge, and contagious optimism, Lee is exactly the kind of trainer and writer you want in your corner. He now stands ready to provide one-on-one support or agency training in:

  • ECQ and TQ writing and editing
  • Senior Executive Service (SES) resumes
  • Federal (GS-5 to GS-15, WG) resumes
  • Military transition and private sector resumes
  • Federal career advising & resume writing certifications


  • Bachelor of Arts in English/Creative Writing


  • Look to the Warriors: 12 Perspectives to Cultivate Inner Peace (2022)
  • Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service, Second Edition (co-author, 2020)
  • Roadmap to Federal Jobs (co-author, 2018)
  • The Key: A Modern Tale of Self Discovery (co-author, 2017)
  • Inside Marine One, St. Martin’s Press (co-author, 2014)
  • Roadmap to Job-Winning Military to Civilian Resumes (co-author, 2011)
  • Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service (co-author, 2010)
  • The Authorized Biography of Brigadier General Richard E. Fisher (2009)
  • Fire in the Night: Essays from an Iraq War Vet (2008)