Future Openings with the SES

March, 19, 2019

Those who join the Senior Executive Service perform a key role in the government. These civil service members are the highest level of government civil servants that can also be political appointees. Scattered across 75 agencies, they maintain oversight of government agency programs and policy’s, as well as use their executive skills to ensure the right leadership and direction is provided to accomplish agency goals.

Senior executives are often in charge of high-level budgetary, financial, program, policy, cyber-security, healthcare, defense, homeland security, treasury, energy, and many other matters. They assist in resolving workplace disputes between employees and intervene in other problems to keep the office focused and productive. The Departments of Justice and Defense have the largest share of SES employees, and most do work related to administration and general management, though they may also serve in the scientific and engineering, legal and medical sectors.

The majority of SES employees work in the Washington, D.C., area. They can also work in field offices located across the country, in large metro areas such as New York City and Atlanta, as well as in foreign countries.

Many people want to join the coveted SES. For those with fantastic accomplishments, proven leadership ability, and the needed SES qualifications, a career in the SES provides the structure, challenges and ability to change government for the better. Anyone considering this career path should understand if they have what it takes to become an SES and how to understand how and if they qualify.

SES Retirement Forecast

Many people who work for the SES are career appointments and have worked for the government for more than 20 years. With an average age of 54, many of these dedicated employees are approaching retirement. In fact, 42.5 percent of SES members are eligible right now to retire. Furthermore, 80 percent of SES members will be eligible for retirement within the next 10 years. For those interested in going abroad, almost all foreign service members will be eligible for retirement in the next decade.

It’s perhaps little wonder why so many people stay with the SES until they are eligible to retire. This career path is the highest level of government one can achieve other than a political appointee. If you wish to give back and/or are dedicated to your country then an SES position would be most appealing.

The retirement age for federal workers is only 57. For most industries, it is 65. That means someone could serve 35 years and be ready for retirement from the SES, creating more job openings than you would see in the private sector. In addition to those nearing retirement age, the SES also sees a small number of people leave each year to enter the private sector. Some of these people are near retirement age and simply exit early to finish out their working time doing something else that interests them.

Job Openings With the SES

With the coming exodus of SES employees on the horizon, you can expect a flood of job openings in this in-demand and lucrative sector. If those eligible for retirement over the next decade do leave, the government will have to hire almost an entirely new SES workforce. USAJobs is seeing an increase in the number of SES jobs listed, reflecting this desire for new talent. Just a few recent job openings include:

These represent just a small sampling of the opportunities currently available to potential SES employees or current ones looking to make a change. In time, we will see even more openings, and the demand for qualified candidates will rise. The government will have to fill roles that have been occupied for years, and so it makes sense for anyone considering pursuing this lucrative calling to start getting ready now.

You can expect to face a competitive race for jobs, as many people have identified the SES as a place to make change in government.

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The SES provides an exceptional career path with room to lead people, lead change, position for results, build coalitions and demonstrate your business acumen. This path allows you to take on exciting daily challenges that help keep the government running, and see your hard work pay off in policies that benefit the country. If you want to enter this field, SES Resume Writers can assist you with your goal.

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