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As a CEO, you’re responsible for the performance of an entire organization. You guide your employees toward success and make the decisions necessary to keep your business in operating order. If you have the skills needed to set yourself apart in your performance of executive duties, you need a resume that matches your professional abilities.

In a highly qualified pool of applicants, you need to make yourself stand out. Emphasize your most relevant skills and work-related factors in your resume that will give you an edge over the competition.

Required Skills

Around 87 percent of executives believe personal skills make the difference between a good and great leader. Highlight the following skills and personal characteristics using colorful action verbs, and be prepared to explain them to the selection committee:

  • Leadership: Outline any past leadership positions, customizing your resume to include any leadership skills listed in the job posting. Incorporate words such as “instructed,” “managed” and “enforced.”
  • Vision: Drive and ambition are some of the most important characteristics to highlight in an executive resume. Outline your vision for your company and how you achieved this vision through your work ethic.
  • Strategy: Explain how you implemented your vision through your analytical, communicative, decisive and problem-solving skills. Identify how you worked strategically to overcome problems within your company.
  • Policy: Draw attention to your accomplishments concerning the initiation of past procedures. Use words such as coordinated, developed and facilitated.
  • Business/financial sensibility: Emphasize the ways you’ve saved your business money in the past through sensibility with numbers and outstanding money management skills.
  • Education: Most CEO positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Include your education level, majors and any educational accomplishments relevant to your work experience.

Work-Related Factors

Of course, personal skills aren’t the only requirement for a CEO candidate. Emphasize the skills above while discussing the following work-related factors:

  • Executive experience: While most executives believe that your track record doesn’t necessarily indicate future success, it’s still vital to emphasize the success of your previous experiences. Discuss how you helped past companies succeed through your leadership and ambition in an executive role.
  • Size of managed budgets: Hiring managers are interested in physical representations of your accomplishments. Quantify your financial responsibilities with sayings such as “Managed a $1.2 million budget.”
  • Size of organizations: Likewise, quantify the number of employees you oversaw, your company’s client totals and any other factors that contributed to the size of your departments and organizations.
  • Readiness to lead a Fortune 500 company: Responsibility for a distinguished company often comes with high stress and extraordinarily long work hours. Discuss how you’ve handled these situations in the past and your readiness to lead a major company in the future.

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