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If you’re looking for Chief Technology Officer (CTO) opportunities there’s no better time to start your job search. With a boom in technological advancements, many companies are taking advantage of new technologies to innovate their products and services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment for computer and information systems managers is expected to rise 12 percent from 2016 to 2026 — faster than the average growth rate — while employment for top-level executives is likely to grow with the national average.

While demand for CTO executives is set to thrive with the rise in consumer technology, competition will also increase. In a competitive pool of qualified candidates, you need to stand out from the crowd.

The ideal resume will set you apart from other applicants through an emphasis on your leadership experiences and personal skills. Preparing this resume in a way that uniquely highlights your accomplishments is a critical first step in securing the interview for your dream CTO position.

CTO Job Requirements

Most CTO positions require similar past work experiences and educational skills. And in a highly competitive job pool, meeting or exceeding these expectations can set you apart from less-qualified applicants and make a positive first impression on the company’s hiring team.

Some of the standard requirements for CTOs include:

  • Prior experience in a CTO or similar leadership position: Most external CTOs need previous experience to secure an executive position. But even if this is your first CTO role, you need to make it clear to the hiring team that you have the leadership experiences necessary to fulfill your duties as a technology executive. Turn any past leadership positions into opportunities to talk about your skills in leading a team. Quantify your experiences with numerical data, such as the number of departments you led or employees you oversaw.
  • BS/BA in computer science, engineering, or a closely related field: CTO positions have strict education requirements. Include all necessary educational information in your resume, such as education level, majors, schools attended and scholarly accomplishments in your field.
  • MBA or another relevant postgraduate degree strongly preferred: The CTO role includes leadership and business management responsibilities that you’ll be more qualified to address with an MBA. A postgraduate degree increases your expertise and makes you a more desirable candidate, as you will be better able to make smart business decisions.

CTO Soft Skills Requirements

Even if you meet these requirements, past job or educational experiences won’t be enough to set you apart from other candidates. Employers increasingly look for strong soft skills and personality traits that mark you as a leader in your field — as well as someone who is fit to handle administrative tasks and can aptly handle employees’ needs.

The following are some of the most important personal skills to address within your CTO resume:

  • Strong knowledge of technological trends to inform strategy: Technology is growing at a brisk rate, and companies often struggle with the ongoing challenge presented by rapidly changing trends. The CTO’s primary responsibility is to make the best choices about which technologies and strategies to incorporate into a company’s products. Highlight your eye for patterns and trends by discussing any product innovations you oversaw at previous positions. Use verbs such as enhanced, pioneered and innovated.
  • Problem-solving ability: As an innovator, you’ll often come across bumps in the road that need to be addressed and solved as soon as possible. Expand on any professional obstacles you were able to overcome in past positions, using verbs such as reconciled, amended and surmounted.
  • Excellent communication skills: As CTO, you’ll sometimes need to have difficult conversations with peers, manage conflicts and speak to the press. Superior communication abilities are necessary to excel in a CTO career. Describe any difficulties you’ve encountered in the past and how you combined leadership and communication skills to surmount these issues, using verbs such as addressed, persuaded and reconciled.
  • Ability to delegate well: A leader knows how much he or she can handle without feeling overwhelmed with a massive list of responsibilities. The ability to delegate tasks is essential to avoiding burnout.

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