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New Signature Interview-Winning five-page SES ECQ All-Inclusive Resume. Already proven to be successful and in compliance with DHS, DoD, VA, and other federal agency's new condensed SES Application complying with President Obama's request for Hiring Reform. Read More.

The Federal government is seeking men and women with well-honed executive leadership skills and qualifications that can continue to transform government at the highest levels. SES jobs can be found by visiting www.usajobs.opm.gov and click on the link for Senior Executives. Request a FREE Quick Quote to get started.

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You're interested in applying for an SES (Federal Senior Executive Service) position, but where do you start? These positions are executive level spots in the Federal government with titles like Chief Information Officer, Chief Economist and Director, Financial Management. The pay is great and an SES career is extremely prestigious and interesting, so how do you navigate the SES application process?

First, you start by getting some help by partnering with our SES resume writing team. You don't have to do it yourself, and we'll be with you every step of the way. Putting together an SES resume and application packet for a Federal career can be daunting, and we'll be your coach, ghostwriter, editor, and thought leader throughout the process.

That's where an SES resume writing service comes in.

What An SES Resume Writing Service Does

Keep in mind that the applications for highly sought after SES careers are extremely complex and can be very daunting. You'll need a senior executive service resume that stands above the rest, or it won't even get past the first review. Developing an SES resume and application is both an art and a science, and by partnering with an SES writing service that does this professionally with a 25-year proven past performance, will take all the guess work out of what exactly is required and acceptable to earn an interview. SES resumes are all about leadership, and proving your leadership capabilities with results and accomplishments. You need to prove you're the right SES candidate for the job. The majority of SES applications and resumes may not even get read because they are just not adequate! Our SES resumes not only get read, they generate interviews. We have been developing successful and interview-winning SES resumes for the past 25-years. Our SES resume service will make sure that your leadership attributes and proven accomplishments is integrated into your SES resume and is specifically developed by tailoring your senior executive service resume to the exact specifications of what the SES vacancy announcement requires to apply for these unique and competitive positions.

Our SES resume experts will first assess what your individual leadership strengths, expertise, talents and skills are. From there, your resume can be built to highlight your executive leadership and what specifically you have accomplished. Again, it's all about leadership and accomplishments. Your five-page resume will not only look professional, but will also showcase your leadership and expertise that will meet OPM's expectations. Once your SES resume is developed it can be tweaked for other positions within the senior executive service, so it's very versatile.

Benefits of Using an SES Resume Writing Service

Our SES resume writers have 25 years of experience writing SES resumes for Federal applicants. Their vast experience coupled with up to date knowledge and trends of exactly what's expected from an SES application and resume is sure to provide you with exactly what you need to feel confident when applying for an SES position.

Our SES writers also have a success rate of 85% of their clients being called for interviews! This is a testimonial to how amazing the service is and what it can be worth to you. SES writers know what is expected of applicants and will steer you in the right direction with a can't-miss SES resume that provides federal agencies with everything they need to know and why you are the right candidate for the position.

The Cost of SES Resume Services

If you're worried about the cost of the SES resume writing service, you can easily receive a free consultation and quote before you begin the process. There are also different levels of pricing for the different services you need, from the essential five-page resume to the full SES package. Discuss your needs with an SES resume writer and Master Federal Career Advisor to see how much the investment will be. Of course, it will be worth every penny once you get the SES job of your dreams as many of our SES clients have already stated in our testimonials!

States With The Most SES Members

How does your state stack up? Opportunity exists all around the country, but below is a quick view of the states with the most SES members.

SES members by state

Also, below is a comprehensive snapshot of the senior executive workforce by gender in the United States.

SES members by gender
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Federal Resume Writing

Senior Executive Service Resume Samples

Applying for a federal position requires a very specific type of resume. Our Master Federal Resume Writers provide specific federal resume services that tailor you resume according to specific vacancy announcements, General Schedule and Grade. Our federal resume writing team knows how to incorporate your specific experience to address the specialized experienced required to qualify for most federal jobs published. Our federal resume writers create a resume that is accomplishment focused and applies the specific keywords, core competencies and skills that match specific job duties and experience related to the General Series, Grade or exact federal vacancy announcement. Federal resume writing is both an art and science. Federal resumes are no like any other type of resume writing-it requires a certain set of skills that only Master Federal Resume Writers have.

What can our Federal resume writing service do for you? Imagine all of the applications that each federal hiring authority receives. Statistics show each agency can receive from 300 to over 1,000 federal resumes for each application. So how are you going to stand out in the crowd? Well if you partner with our Master Federal Resume Writers you'll be way ahead of the crowd and receive an 85% chance of earning the all important interview. A Master Federal Resume Writer can help your resume go to the best qualified ranking by including certain ingredience in your resume and preparing it in our Headline format that federal Human Resources can easily ready and identify your top expertise.

To a layperson, the application process can be very confusing. Only our Master Federal Resume Writers and Master Federal Career Advisors have been extensively training, tested and proven in exactly what this process entails and our methods have been proven. Rest assured, we'll develop your Federal resume to the exact specifications that are needed to help you land an interview for the job you desire.

Creating your federal resume is an investment in your future, so prepare to invest some of your time now to pave the way for success. Your Master Federal Resume Writer will work with you to include details in your resume such as your previous employment, as well as including all of your education and specialized training and experience that will make you a perfect fit for the job.

Our years of experience, as well as knowledge of the Federal resume writing field, will combine to make your resume stand out from other applicants. If you know you have what it takes, and are truly serious about transitioning into a federal career or if you are a current federal employee and wish to transition to another agency or receive a promotion to the next level of your career field -- let our Master Federal Resume Writers partner with you to showcase your skills to maximize your chances of getting an interview and procuring an amazing federal job.

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