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Senior Executive Service to get standard evaluations

October, 23, 2011

As early as this month, members of the Senior Executive Service will see changes in their performance management system. Recent trends have seen greater weight given to only one of the five core qualifications; the new systems aims to balance the equation, evaluating the SES member as a whole. Rather than overemphasize “results” when evaluating executives’ performance, they want to guarantee at least some consideration of the other four qualifications.

Deadline extended for federal job seekers

October, 20, 2011

From The Washington Post:

Personnel Director John Berry said Wednesday that his staff is working “around the clock” to fix bugs in the government’s revamped Web site for job seekers, who will get a three-week reprieve on application deadlines for most positions.

“We’re not going to rest until we work through these problems,” the director of the Office of Personnel Management pledged.

USAJobs 3.0 Update and Tip

October, 18, 2011

There are two important things we wanted to share this morning in regard to searching the new and improved USAJobs 3.0 site.

1) When searching, use the ADVANCED search function. All signs point to this being the best and most effective way to find the vacancies you need during this transition period. If you never used the Advanced feature before, don’t be overwhelmed by all the search options. Just choose the one, two, or even three variables you are looking for and ignore the rest. For example, I might be searching for an IT Security position in Virginia for a GS-9. That’s all the information I need to supply, and the vacancies available for those specifications should appear from my Advanced search query.

SES Candidates and the new USAJobs site

October, 11, 2011

SES candidates will need to take a few steps prior to being able to retrieve and use thier ECQs to apply to future job opportunity announcements on the new USAjobs 3.0.  Click this link for details: SES Tutorial.

Learn More About USAJOBS System & Resumes

The New USAJobs Is Here!

October, 11, 2011

From USAJOBS on Facebook:

USAJOBS 3.0 is here! You are cordially invited to preview the new USAJOBS now and begin searching and applying for jobs. Sign In to to reset your password; build your new user profile; and set up new saved searches on the My Account page. Or you could just check out our new search engine; we think you’ll “find” it much better!

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