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Appointments for a New Administration

May, 29, 2012

At the beginning of a new Presidential Administration, the incoming President makes personnel changes, including selecting new Cabinet secretaries and agency heads.  These new appointees may appoint a number of officials on the basis of their support for the President’s goals and policies.  These are the officials who are responsible for formulating, advocating, and directing Administration policies and programs, or are those who serve such officials in a close and confidential relationship.

Acing The Quality Review Board – SES Candidate’s Story

May, 11, 2012

Quality Review Board – A Big SES Hurdle

qualityreviewboardIt’s one thing to have your Senior Executive Service (SES) resume and application package approved for further review; it’s quite another to get “past” the Quality Review Board (QRB) a panel of experts who declare your application fit for further consideration. Obtaining the approval of the QRB is one of the more daunting tasks that SES candidates face and it’s why many of the successful ones choose to utilize the services of professional SES resume writers. After all, these writers work with the SES packages every day and have insight and experience to craft Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ) documents that win over the QRB reviewers. Case in point is this testimonial offered by a successful SES candidate in a letter written to Barbara Adams, CEO of CareerPro Global, Inc., one of only a few companies to provide expert SES assistance and the only ISO 9001:2008 certified career services company known to exist.