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Five Most Common SES Resume Mistakes to Avoid

April, 16, 2019

Success when applying for an SES position requires preparation and precision. Most applicants have the leadership skills necessary to excel in an executive role, but few know how to tailor their skills and experiences to stand out as a desirable applicant. Fortunately, you can learn a lot from others’ mistakes. Here are five of the most common SES resume mistakes and how you can avoid them when applying for federal jobs.

Federal Resumes for Executives

April, 09, 2019

When you move from the private sector to the public sector, you encounter a lot of changes. You may be used to answering to stockholders and having to justify your company’s performance. Switching to the federal government will mean carrying out the current administrations goals and working to improve government.

Landing an executive job depends on drawing the attention of federal human resources professionals with a resume that stands out. These people search for resumes that contain certain desirable qualities that have proven to work well in the public sector. Federal hiring officials are seeking proven accomplishments, technical expertise and leadership skills. Having your resume professionally prepared for a federal job at the Senior Executive Service increases your odds of landing a job interview.

How to Write ATS Resumes

April, 02, 2019

Did you know most resumes are thrown out before a human ever sees them? Before an application passes into human hands, it first must pass the test of an applicant tracking system — a system whose job is to toss underqualified resumes in seconds.

We’re here to help you make sense of ATS and bot-friendly resumes. Read on to learn more about ATS resume writing and the best way to ensure your application reaches the people who can make your career dreams a reality.