Federal Resumes for Executives

April, 09, 2019

When you move from the private sector to the public sector, you encounter a lot of changes. You may be used to answering to stockholders and having to justify your company’s performance. Switching to the federal government will mean carrying out the current administrations goals and working to improve government.

Landing an executive job depends on drawing the attention of federal human resources professionals with a resume that stands out. These people search for resumes that contain certain desirable qualities that have proven to work well in the public sector. Federal hiring officials are seeking proven accomplishments, technical expertise and leadership skills. Having your resume professionally prepared for a federal job at the Senior Executive Service increases your odds of landing a job interview.

What does the government look for in federal resumes for executives and how do you write an executive resume? They must follow certain guidelines and be in compliance to address all of the job vacancy requirements. The smallest deviation from guidelines could push your resume into the rejected pile. That is why having the experience and expertise of professional federal resume writers can help you navigate this exciting, yet also sometimes daunting process. Federal resumes for executives should be carefully structured to get you the interview you desire.

What Your Resume Should Communicate

There are eight major components to a successful SES resume, each reflecting the vital skills and experience the federal government desires in these positions:

  1. Experience: Most SES positions are leadership roles that require previous experience as a top executive. Emphasizing not just the number of years you have held your position, but also your leadership brand, accomplishments and technical expertise matches the requirements listed in the job announcement.
  2. Executive core qualifications: Every SES job has core qualifications the applicant must meet. Structuring your resume to emphasize these qualifications, such as leading people, leading change, results driven, building coalitions and business acumen, as well as examples of your technical and specialized qualifications, will catch the eye of hiring managers.
  3. Leading change: What have you done to change your current company and adjust to changing times? Explaining these achievements shows your flexibility and resourcefulness — two important qualities in SES jobs, where you act as a link from government appointees to department employees.
  4. Leading people: People should respond to your leadership abilities and show a desire to listen when you speak and carry out your goals. Demonstrating this skill on your resume through proven examples of leadership stories will make you a more desirable candidate for a job that depends on confidence and how well you connect to others.
  5. Results-driven: Government agencies want results. Their jobs are all aimed at protecting Americans and making their lives better. Your resume should examine specific examples of outcomes you have achieved in your current and previous positions.
  6. Business acumen: Understanding how business works and why certain tough but necessary choices need to be made are a vital part of any SES job. Your resume should include your experience in human capital, financial acumen and technology.
  7. Business coalitions: Experience working across businesses or agency with other leaders in your industry and showing initiative are qualities that can help you excel in an SES position. Gaining buy-in across agencies and departments is critical.
  8. Keywords: Your technical qualifications and other areas of the resume will stand out and get the attention of hiring managers when you include effective examples of stories of how you successfully utilized your technical expertise.

SES Resume Writers Can Help Create the Perfect Federal Resume

A well-written executive resume that includes all the key components the federal government is looking for will give you a better chance of landing the SES job you desire. The right federal resume writers can produce a resume that highlights your experience while also showing why you are the ideal candidate for the position. SES Resume Writers wants to assist you through this process. With more than 37 years of experience, SES Resume Writers has aided more than 70,000 clients pursuing jobs with the federal government.

We have achieved consistently high customer satisfaction and we understand what federal human resources departments desire in their job candidates and will ensure your executive application is in compliance with hiring protocol. We care about helping you achieve your goal of transitioning into the SES from the private sector or another job. We work collaboratively with our clients so they understand our process and can contribute along the way.

We dedicate the time and effort to create a federal government resume you will love. We care about your satisfaction and we partner with you to ensure your application reflects leadership stories and accomplishments favorable to hiring officials. Our SES writers are masters at writing your ECQs directly for the qualification review board (QRB) to ensure all parameters of requirements are addressed.

Are you ready to move to the next phase of your career with an SES job? Get in touch with SES Resume Writers today to take the first step. Call us at 800.471.9201 or get in touch online to schedule your free initial consultation and receive a resume quote.

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