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Uncle Sam is Hiring Now

December, 11, 2014

The federal government is hiring. The perks can be generous and you don’t have to live in D.C.

By Barbara Adams
President & CEO, CareerPro Global, Inc.

The federal government is hiring, according to a new study by a nonprofit group called the Partnership for Public Service (

Most of the hiring is due to two big factors – the aging of the workforce and the war on terror. Nearly one-third of the government’s 1.6 million full-time employees are expected to retire over the next few years, and they all need to be replaced. At the same time, more than 83,000 jobs are being added at agencies charged with protecting the United States, including 47,897 jobs at the Department of Homeland Security and 35,505 at the Department of Defense.

Pay for Performance

December, 11, 2014


The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 (Public Law 108-136, November 24, 2003) established a new performance-based pay system for members of the Senior Executive Service. The SES pay range has a minimum rate of basic pay equal to 120 percent of the rate for GS-15, step 1, and the maximum rate of basic pay is equal to the rate for Level III of the Executive Schedule. However, for any agency certified under 5 U.S.C. 5307(d) as having a performance appraisal system which, as designed and applied, makes meaningful distinctions based on relative performance, the maximum rate of basic pay will be the rate for Level II of the Executive Schedule.

Navy CHART Moves to USAJobs

December, 11, 2014

In an ongoing effort to improve the applicant experience, the Department of the Navy (DON) will be replacing the CHART application system with the USAJOBS online system. USAJOBS is the federal government’s official one-stop source for federal jobs and employment information.

After September 30, 2011, all DON job vacancies will be posted on the USAJOBS website and the CHART job search functionality and job vacancies will be removed.

New SES 5 Page Resume

December, 11, 2014

Barbara Adams

Changes in SES Application Requirements: The Five-Page Resume

Although there are conflicting opinions on how hiring reform in the federal government is affecting the Senior Executive Service (SES) hiring process, there have definitely been some changes in SES vacancy announcements. For example, just a couple of years ago, 8-, 10-, or even 12-page SES resumes were still very common. However, as early as 2009, some agencies began placing a five-page limit on SES resume submissions.

How to Find & Apply for Federal SES Jobs

December, 11, 2014

With the advent of the Internet, it is now easy to find job openings within the Federal Government. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has a website, USAJobs, which allows potential applicants to search most positions being posted for civilian employees. Go to The search is very detailed in criteria, and is much easier to use than in the past. Positions from most Federal agencies may be found using this system.

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