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USAJobs 3.0 Update and Tip

October, 18, 2011

There are two important things we wanted to share this morning in regard to searching the new and improved USAJobs 3.0 site.

1) When searching, use the ADVANCED search function. All signs point to this being the best and most effective way to find the vacancies you need during this transition period. If you never used the Advanced feature before, don’t be overwhelmed by all the search options. Just choose the one, two, or even three variables you are looking for and ignore the rest. For example, I might be searching for an IT Security position in Virginia for a GS-9. That’s all the information I need to supply, and the vacancies available for those specifications should appear from my Advanced search query.

Changes Coming to

August, 04, 2011

If the death of the traditional KSAs wasn’t reason enough to celebrate, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has a treat coming in October 2011. USAJobs 3.0 will be unveiled at that time, the latest update to one of the federal government’s largest vacancy portals and part of the hiring reform mandated by the president last fall. According to the OPM, what you can expect to see is “improved logic for applicants that asks targeted questions based on previous experience.”

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