Where the Federal Jobs Are in 2015 and 2016 (by Geography and Government Agency)

October, 28, 2015

Washington DC

Government placements are available in all 50 states, but the types of work and the competition you’ll face differ significantly based on location. You may be surprised by which states have the most federal jobs available or which federal agencies hire the most employees. Further, you may be especially amazed by how much detail goes into each job listing.

This is where our expertise begins. At SES Writers, we identify which federal government agencies are hiring by helping you find and search official sites like USAJOBS.gov. We also break down job postings to determine whether you’re eligible or have the required education and experience to apply.

While about 40% of positions are administrative, there are also many openings for other professionals. You’ll find a wealth of technical, hands-on, and clerical roles available, as well. The most important part of the process is crafting the right resume, which must follow precise specifications to pass the initial stages of consideration. However, no amount of professional services will help if you’re a poor match for a position.

Transitioning from Military to Federal Employment

It can be challenging for service men and women who are leaving their military appointments to find federal jobs. There’s a lot of information to navigate through, and it can quickly become overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. We can help. We’ll not only assist you in determining which federal government agencies hire veterans, but we can help you decipher which of those jobs are available to you.

Federal positions have strict guidelines on who is eligible to apply. Many available jobs are open only to those already working for the federal government in a non-military role. Certain military personnel are exceptions to that rule, depending on your experience, education, and professional training. Even then, you still may need our help to write a resume that is capable of passing initial screening and making a powerful impression.

Popular Federal Government Job Locations

Where are federal jobs located? Everywhere! Unfortunately, however, in areas where there are few jobs, or few jobs within certain agencies, competition can be fierce. In those cases, it makes sense to go where the jobs are, so we have compiled a list of the areas and agencies with the highest number of available federal jobs.

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Most Open Federal Positions by State

It is obvious that larger states—such as California, New York, and Texas—would have more federal jobs available, and they do. But many times, you’ll see states with the most federal employees also have the most services in place. For instance, Virginia is home to a number of federal agencies, including Veterans Affairs, so there are a large number of open jobs there. Here’s a breakdown of some states with big numbers of available federal jobs:

  • California: 1,153
  • District of Columbia: 931
  • Virginia: 832
  • Texas: 784
  • Arizona: 612

Most Open Federal Positions by Agency

You can also go one step further and break down job openings by agency:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs: 4,416
  • Department of Defense: 1,679
  • Department of Health and Human Services: 1,350
  • Department of the Interior: 636
  • Department of Agriculture: 606

Both the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) take up significant portions of government employees. These jobs include positions with the National Guard, medical professionals providing healthcare through VA clinics across the country and a myriad of administrative and clerical staffers to keep those services running reliably. Thinking about employment within a certain agency makes sense when your credentials or experience complements the daily work, mission, and goals of an agency.

Whether you’re transitioning from corporate or military life, or you are leaving service work and are looking for a stable career, SES Writers resume writing and coaching services will give you an advantage over your competition. Trust in our 99.6% satisfaction rate. Take comfort in our 100% guarantee, and call us today.

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