New SES SOP for CareerPro Global’s Executive Writing Team

February, 23, 2015

For several years now in this column, we have shared advice and best practices for developing SES applications. Today, we are excited to share a bit about the company and team behind the scenes.

CareerPro Global has assisted more than 55,000 customers, including more than 3,000 SES clients. We also revolutionized the career management services industry several years ago by earning the coveted ISO 9001:2008 certification for our quality control and customer support processes.

We are always seeking ways to continually improve our services, product quality, and processes. With this in mind, we have recently introduced our executive writers to, and then trained them on, a new internal SES Standard Operating Procedure that complies with our ISO standards. Among other things, all of our executive coaches and writers now use a specific set of proven best practices to educate and guide clients in providing the right kinds of stories.

For example, we delve into each ECQ story with clients, ensuring the stories are appropriately executive in scope and presented in the Challenge-Context-Action-Result (CCAR) format for a non-technical audience. Most importantly, we teach and guide our clients on the importance of telling their ECQ stories through the “lens” of the 28 ECQ competencies. Next, our writers are audited from checklists and other internal controls to ensure they are integrating the competencies effectively.

By analyzing and researching OPM (Office of Personnel Management) trends and reports, working with thousands of SES applicants, and leveraging all the knowledge we have amassed after 25 years in business, our new protocol was designed to improve four primary areas:

  1. Quality of our coaching and communications with clients
  2. Quality and standardization of the tools and processes our coaches use with clients
  3. Client knowledge and understanding of the best way to think about and approach SES application requirements
  4. Overall quality and content of client SES application materials
  5. Likelihood that clients will land an interview and/or land the job

Our new protocol has been tried and tested, resulting in numerous qualified clients gaining ECQ certification from OPM, and is adapted from our book, Roadmap to the Senior Executive Service. Get your copy today by clicking on this link or searching the title on Amazon.


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