Top 10 Reasons for QRB Disapproval

December, 11, 2014

By Barbara A. Adams, CPRW, CEIP, CFRW, MMRW

ECQs must be written in a CCAR (Content, Challenge, Action, Result) model and emphasize leadership. There are many variables that are included in each ECQ.

Below are the top 10 reasons your ECQs may never make it past the QRB.

  1. Didn’t describe what he/she did personally to achieve results.
  2. Emphasis on technical rather than leadership skills.
  3. Emphasis on process rather than results.
  4. Didn’t use the CCAR type model.
  5. No evidence of leveraging diversity.
  6. No evidence of strategic thinking, vision.
  7. Vague statements or philosophy rather than facts.
  8. No evidence of innovation/creativity.
  9. Laundry list of actions without context or results.
  10. No measurable results.
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