SES Careers in 2011

December, 11, 2014

By Barbara Adams, CPRW, CEIP, MMRW, CFRW and

As 2010 passes away into history as one of the most tumultuous and disappointing years for American job seekers, all eyes turn to 2011 with a combination of hope and dread. As bleak as things remain for an American economy that continues to bleed jobs and red ink, all is certainly not lost. Despite the often over-hyped news reports, jobs are still available and people are still being hired. So where are the Hot Jobs expected to be found in the coming year?

Some of the top career fields expected to grow in 2011 include:

Information Technology

Computer jobs took a major hit over the past couple of years as wavering companies put costly upgrade projects on hold and delayed hardware and software purchases. Many of these projects can’t be put off any longer. The advances in IT capabilities and the benefits they bring to corporations make network improvements a virtual necessity to remain competitive.

Health Care and Medical

As the population ages, more health care professionals are needed. Most of these positions require a significant investment of time, money and study, however, so many positions are in high demand. Concerns over changes in health insurance laws and malpractice lawsuits have driven many out of the industry as well, but if you care about taking care of people, an investment in yourself can really pay off in this field. Many professional medical and dental assistant or medical billing specialist positions don’t require attending years of medical school.

Social Services and Teaching

The fact that many people are out of work actually increases the need for jobs like technical trainers, life coaches, and social workers. Accounting and customer service personnel are needed to maintain unemployment records and process unemployment or welfare checks and food stamps. Counselors and office workers for unemployment centers offer hope and guidance to many who need it the most.

Arts and Communications

You have a better chance at getting struck by lightening (twice) than to make it big as an actor or musician, but many people find steady work in the Arts. Graphic design, promotional writing, advertising, and events management remain in high demand, as do technical and support positions for convention centers, public events, radio stations, and computer game developers.


One of the hardest hit areas of the economic collapse was construction, led by the housing bubble burst that led to a corporate halt of any construction or renovation that wasn’t absolutely necessary. As the economy returns, however, those long-delayed projects will come back in full force. Even now, do-it-yourselfers are turning to licensed handymen and local hardware stores to seek advice or services for home improvements. If you’re ambitious and handy with tools, you may find a rewarding career here, even if it means many smaller jobs rather than showing up at a large construction site. Certain government regulations now mandate complete replacement of older air conditioning and heating units with energy smart devices, rather than repair serviceable equipment. Many companies will need additional sales, customer service and office staff.


As people default on loans and credit, companies need to hire more accountants to maintain accurate books and follow up on collection efforts. As tax laws become more labyrinthine, people skilled at finding deductions are worth their weight in gold – sometimes literally.


Science continues to advance in various areas of research. Many positions are filled by technicians who learn on the job, supporting larger research efforts by handling repetitive tasks and testing procedures. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work in rocket science.

Homeland Security
Ever since 9/11, Homeland Security has been growing. In a field that is constantly changing to face new challenges, skilled law enforcement, military and Intelligence personnel are in high demand, as are research analysts, writers and support personnel. the Transportation Security Authority continues to expand, requiring trainers who can develop course materials on a variety of topics.

Travel and Tourism

As people adjust to new income levels, eventually they take the time to reward themselves with at least a weekend getaway. As the value of the American dollar continues to shrink against the Euro, more and more are planning “staycations,” where they take a vacation but stay closer to home. As a result, local restaurants, hotels and nearby tourist attractions are starting to see a resurgence in travel dollars.

Which field is right for you? That depends on you. As tempting as it is to jump into anything that will give you a paycheck, you don’t want to be miserable. Try to find jobs in a field you truly enjoy. If you have to take a job just to pay the bills that doesn’t mean you have to end your job search. Keep your eyes open and keep a positive attitude. There are opportunities out there, even if you may have to look harder nowadays to find them.

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