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January, 09, 2017

Careerpro Global SES Writers

CareerPro Global’s SES team has assisted more than 4,000 SES applicants, most of which are GS-15s, corporate executives, or senior military officers. We also sometimes see GS-14s apply for Senior Executive Service positions—especially those with a former corporate or military careers. In addition, we are seeing more agencies push their GS-14s to begin learning about, considering, and preparing for the Senior Executive Service early.

Not only does this proactive approach help with leadership development and succession planning, but it also has another huge benefit. Specifically, when a GS-14 goes through the process of developing their ECQs, he or she will inevitably struggle to demonstrate their experience in certain areas.

As such, they get the benefit of learning about the ECQs, while doing a self-assessment through the lens of the ECQ competencies. The strengths or weaknesses identified can serve as a professional/executive development blueprint for the next few years. In addition, the ECQs are often used to frame annual performance plans and appraisals for senior executives, so it is never too early to begin thinking about one’s career through that lens.

Calling upon our vast knowledge and experience writing ECQs, we have developed two first-of-their-kind online ECQ courses to provide students with the proven best practices, mindsets, and exclusive Senior Executive Service ECQ builders to select and share their top career accomplishments in the most effective way.

The courses are designed for individuals or organizations who want their up-and-coming executives to be empowered and educated to “do it themselves” and have the option to get professional feedback on their ECQs.

You can learn more and sign up at this link: https://www.seswriters.com/ecq-writing/ecq-online-writing-courses/

All of CareerPro Global’s training and writing services are ISO 9001:2015 certified, giving you peace of mind that we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

You can also visit www.SESwriters.com to learn more about our experience and process.

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