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Soft Skills: What are they and Why do you need them?

March, 22, 2017

Soft Skills Matter

Leaning into the Senior Executive Service

January, 09, 2017

Careerpro Global SES Writers

What is an SES Application?

December, 01, 2016

What is an SES Application?

In many ways, writing SES applications walks the line between art and science, given the many specifications required for creating and formatting an acceptable SES application. Because of the high level of competition in the SES, many candidates turn to a skilled, experienced professional to develop their resume. One of the main reasons qualified applicants never receive an interview is because their resume failed to describe how well they are qualified for the position. Translating your abilities and skills in clear, precise language is imperative to landing an interview and achieving your career goals.

Applying for Senior Executive Service positions is easy…right?

May, 24, 2016

Finding Senior Executive Service (SES) positions on USAJOBS is easy. In fact, there’s nothing to it; just click on the link and hundreds of positions are instantly at your fingertips. Applying for a position is a much different story. However, it’s not impossible—as long as you qualify and can document those qualifications.

Most SES positions require three things: An SES Federal Resume; narrative responses to Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs); and responses to Technical Qualifications (TQs), Mandatory Technical Qualifications (MTQs), and Desirable Qualifications (DQs).

What are the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) Fundamental Competencies?

May, 24, 2016

ECQ Fundamental CompetenciesExecutive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are the foundation of the Senior Executive Service (SES). Applicants must prove their executive experience in the context of these requirements. Each ECQ has specific competencies that must be addressed to fully meet the requirements of each. There are a total of 22 competencies identified for each individual ECQ.

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