Update from United States Navy: DON CHART Resume Transition to USAJOBS

September, 19, 2011

CareerPro Global is glad to pass on the new many have been waiting for in regard to the CHARTS move to USAJobs. The text below is copied directly from an e-mail sent today by the Department of the Navy, Civilian Human Resources:

Navy CHARTS Transitions to USAjobs – Sept 30, 2011

Subject: DON CHART Resume Transition to USAJOBS

In an ongoing effort to improve the applicant experience, the DON will be replacing the CHART application system with the USAJOBS online system.  USAJOBS is the federal government’s official one-stop source for federal jobs and employment information.

After September 30, 2011, all DON job vacancies will be posted on the USAJOBS website and the CHART job search functionality and job vacancies will be removed.

For non Department of the Defense (DoD) employees, CHART will no longer be accessible after October 12, 2011.    If you are a DoD or DON employee you may access CHART via a computer on a registered Government network (which may also require CAC authentication) until 30 December, 2011.   Only resume and status information will be available for view.

DON will no longer use DON nation wide Open Continuous Announcements (OCAs) to gather applications for upcoming and anticipated vacancies. Most vacancies will be filled using individual vacancy announcements with identified closing dates.  For frequently filled jobs at a particular DON installation or activity, activity specific OCAs may be opened.  You can be notified via email for posted vacancy announcements by using the USAJOBS Saved Searches feature.

  1. Before September 30, 2011, you should access your CHART account at https://chart.donhr.navy.mil/ and print and save an electronic copy of your online CHART resume.
  2. Create a USAJOBS account at www.usajobs.gov and either upload a resume or build a resume using your current CHART resume information. The DON created a specific fact sheet outlining the key steps to transfer your information. It is available at www.public.navy.mil/.  (Please note that USAJOBS will be down for a major upgrade from 6 to 13 October 2011.)
  3.  Check out the online applicant tool kit and frequently asked questions located at www.public.navy.mil/
  4.  Explore USAJOBS and its different features, create saved searches for jobs of interest and locations, sign-up to receive email alerts for when announcements are posted.
  5. Non DoD employees:  Before October 12, 2011, make a final check of CHART information and any related status updates.
  6. DoD and DON employees:  Before December 30, 2011, make a final check of CHART information and any related status updates.

Specific questions regarding your CHART account can be sent to CHART@navy.mil; questions on the transition to USAJOBS should be sent to DONhrfaq@navy.mil.

Department of the Navy
Civilian Human Resources

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  1. Shaed | December 1, 2015

    something like answer the foiowllng questions for informational purposes only. This information will not be considered in deciding whether to hire you. Just like veterans’ preferences, the fact of disability should be considered (in the applicant’s favor) in deciding whether to hire the applicant. Admittedly it should not count against them, but if the severely disabled chose to work, the federal government should help them reach that goal.

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