USAJobs Update: The Final Post

October, 05, 2011

It is with a little nostalgia and great excitement that we bring you the final entry in our two-month long overview of the changes to be unveiled on the Office of Personnel Management’s website come October 13. CareerPro Global was bringing you the facts  long before other sources, and we’re hopeful we not only helped you plan ahead but also got you as pumped as we are for the grand unveiling next week.

Why are we so excited? Because it’s all about you! The alterations and updates to the USAJobs site are in response to what you have asked for–what you wanted, what you needed, what you simply could no longer do without. We want the revised site to be even more of a help to those of you looking to enter–or move around in–the federal job landscape.

Without further ado, we give you this week’s preview. Sometimes it’s the obvious that gets most overlooked:

“USAJOBS ‘search and apply’ functions offline during the transition

“OPM will transition to the new USAJOBS over the Columbus holiday weekend. During the transition nearly 5 billion rows of data will be extracted, validated, and subjected to integrity testing to preserve the applicant resumes, seeker profiles, and agency job postings in the current system. The USAJOBS search and apply functions will be ‘offline,’ beginning at 5 pm EDT on October 7, 2011, which means no searches can be conducted and no applications can be submitted via USAJOBS. Daily transition status updates and general employment information, however, will be available on So, if you were planning to jump start your federal job search in the new fiscal year, you might want to schedule it for October 12th!”

Remember, then, that if you knock on the door of the site on the morning of October 10 and no one is home, have no fear. Everything should be back up and running better than normal come the 13th.

Don’t think however that the USAJobs site being down is an excuse to take off a week from job hunting. If you have not yet contacted CareerPro Global about creating a custom resume for you, now is the perfect time to give us a call. We can have a comprehensive, detailed, powerful presentation ready for you by the time the USAJobs site is up and running again. Think of the revamp and reopening of the site as the perfect time to revamp your own job search and self-marketing materials (that’s your resume!). Don’t you and your family deserve the improved lifestyle a new and better job may bring?

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