USAJobs Update: Week Four

August, 31, 2011

Welcome back to CareerPro Global’s weekly update on the site, the hippest place to go if you are looking for a federal job. If you have been following along this past month, you know that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is giving USAJobs an overhaul, with the final results on display come October. They have promised us weekly updates, which we are happy to pass on to you.  Here is week four’s update:

“We’re collecting information, but not your SSN anymore

“The new USAJOBS, which has been developed by the government through extensive collaboration across agencies, has several increased security enhancements planned. One of which is no longer collecting Social Security Numbers (SSNs). Yes, SSNs are required to validate citizenship, but the responsibility to do so remains with the hiring agency determining applicant suitability, not the federal employment search portal, USAJOBS. Furthermore, USAJOBS has never had the capability to verify SSNs entered into the system, which meant erroneous data could be collected. And USAJOBS is working hard to make such data a thing of the past.

“Note: No need for alarm if you’ve found the ideal position in USAJOBS and decide to apply and are then prompted to provide your SSN. Some agency systems, which are linked to USAJOBS, may collect SSNs during the application process.”

This seemingly innocuous change is very important. At CareerPro Global, we take the security of your information very seriously. Our IT infrastructure is such that any information you send us is safe as houses. Even with our virtual Fort Knox in place, we still do not want clients to send us their social security numbers. Why? It’s just good common sense. If someone grabs your SSN, you risk losing your identity (as well as possibly your good name and credit status). Our intranet is secure, but it your email provider or snail mail delivery person? Why take the chance when it’s data we simply don’t need.

You are your social security number. Keep it safe. Only provide it to organizations or businesses you know and trust and which have actual use of the number (say, for a credit report). Bravo to the OPM for understanding that SSNs are not needed to accept a job application and is going to make this security change for better.

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