USAJobs Update: Week Seven

September, 21, 2011

Welcome back to CareerPro Global’s weekly update on the site, the Office of Personnel Management’s federal vacancies job site.  If you have been following along,  you know that OPM is giving USAJobs an overhaul, with the final results on display come October. They are supplying weekly weekly updates, which we are happy to pass on to you.

“Your documents in the current USAJOBS

“Wondering what’s going to happen to your uploaded documents in the current USAJOBS? During the USAJOBS transition, which is scheduled for October 6-12, 2011, nearly 5 billion rows of data (to include your documents) will be extracted, scanned for viruses, validated, and subjected to integrity testing before it is loaded into the new USAJOBS. To ensure your documents complete the transfer, USAJOBS recommends the following:

“1) Ensure your current uploaded documents are not corrupt. Corrupt and/or contaminated documents that cannot be repaired or cleaned during the transition, will be quarantined and not imported into the new USAJOBS.

“2) Establish three secret questions prior to the transition to ensure your current account and its associated documents can be linked once your identity is validated when logging into USAJOBS for the first time following the transition.

“3) Ensure that you can still access the email account associated with your USAJOBS profile. Without the secret questions, seekers will need to establish a password for the new USJAOBS via that email account. Once the seeker’s identity is validated, the current account and any associated documents will be linked to the new profile.”

If you’ve been putting off updating your profile information on the USAJobs site, now’s the time to do it. October 13 will be here before you know it.

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